The Burt’s Bees Sensitive facial skin’s current best friend!

Hey everyone!!

So winter is far from over although the birds are out chirping 🙂 which is so nice to hear in the mornings!  Hopefully spring will kick in next week..its April already! I need to wear some flirty spring dresses and strappy sandals for a change..I am getting tired of bundling up everytime I step out of the house!

My best friend who lives in Michigan is probably dying for spring more than was so unbearably cold when I visited her a month ago. I forgot to take along a facial cleanser and landed up using her Burt’s Bee sensitive facial cleanser. It was weird using it at first since I am used to having a cleanser foam when in contact with water but she told me this is a cleanser that kind of takes some time getting used to. It didn’t take too long for me to like it..  4 days! Yup! You read it 4 days I saw a change and absolutely loved it ! So when I got back, I went and got myself a tube of this amazing stuff!

Really awesome stuff :)
Really awesome stuff 🙂

The good….

  • hmm..where do I start! first off, its soap free and that really helps if you have dry and sensitive skin.
  • Usually post cleanser my skin feels squeaky clean..and dry. None of that happens with this. Here is where I had mixed feelings the first time I used it. Being soap free it doesn’t lather up like other cleansers I’ve used previously. It has this creamy texture and hence you almost feel like your applying a moisturizer to your wet skin. When you wash it off it feels like there is a film on your skin but once I dry my face with a towel, that slicky feeling goes away and my face feels moisturized and soft!
  • Probably the most important reason I love this is because I did notice a visible reduction in redness. This winter made my skin really dry and red. I found this to be awesome for combating both these issues!
It has a thick creamy texture
It has a thick creamy texture


The not so good….

  • I really don’t have any negative things to say about this product. My friend was right in saying that you have to get used to not expecting your cleanser to foam and your face to feel all squeaky clean. But once you cross that bridge, its a happy ride 🙂
It doesn't foam at all when wet
It doesn’t foam at all when wet
  • The product claims to able to remove makeup..thats not true. You probably will need to use a makeup remover prior to using this. I did test this out as a makeup remover on a day I was wearing minimal makeup (no foundation, only a light wash of eyeshadow on the lids) and it didn’t work. It isn’t a big problem for me because I have always removed my makeup with a makeup remover and don’t rely on facial cleansers to do that.


Looking at the product ingredient wise …

  • That feeling of having a film on your face post application is due to the presence of sunflower seed oil and beeswax both of which act as occlusives by forming a film to prevent moisture loss from the skin.
  • Another primary ingredient in this cleanser is glycerin, one of the best  humectants around. Do check out my post on dry skin and moisturizing to learn more about what occlusives and humectants do 🙂
  • I do see some other interesting ingredients in this cleanser like witch hazel water, which is known to sooth and calm irriatated skin. (Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition) and yucca extract which also has similar properties in addition to having anti microbial activity (Research Journal of Medicinal Plants).
  • Also the presence of anti inflammatory agents like artemisia umbelliformis extract (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry) and euphrasia officinalis extract (Pharmacognosy Review) help combat irritated red skin.


Overall, I am enjoying this cleanser immensely ! Whats your favorite  facial cleanser? 🙂

The Laura Geller Baked 101 kit : A review

Hi everyone!!

For a while I have been seeing rave reviews for the Laura Geller Balance -n-Brighten baked color correcting foundation and I was hesitant to pick it up since I have dry skin and thus generally stay away from powder foundations. Then some 3 months back while browsing through her website I saw this kit and it was on sale and took the plunge..speaking of which there is a sale going on at her website which ends midnight today!

Since I havn’t tried any of her products before I thought this kit would be perfect to try her baked products. By the way I was super impressed with her customer service…they billed me the full price for the kit by mistake instead of the discounted price and one quick phone call was all it took to fix the problem immediately!

So this is what I got in the mail a few days later..

The baked 101 kit
The baked 101 kit

I am usually a sucker for lovely packaging and I must admit that this bag didn’t wow me in fact I felt it wasn’t made very well as you can see that the red piping kind of overlaps a bit.

Now, take a look at the stuff inside this bag..

The contents of the baked 101 kit
The contents of the baked 101 kit
A mini booklet was in the bag too !
A mini booklet was in the bag too !

I ordered my kit in the shade fair. I think the other 2 shades offered are porcelain and tan. So I got the following things in my kit

  • The Balance -n-brighten baked color correcting foundation in fair
  • The Bronze-n-brighten baked color correcting bronzer in fair
  • Blush -n- brighten baked cheek color in Pink Buttercream
  • Baked marble eyeshadow duo in Pink icing/Devils Food
  • A  powder brush
  • A double ended shadow and liner brush

Now lets take a look at the good things about this kit….

  • I am thrilled to report that although I have dry skin I had no problems using the balance n brighten foundation powder. It didn’t stick to any dry patches which I think is really awesome 🙂
  • The foundation powder is meant to be used alone and I did try using it just on top of my primer. I would say this gives more of a medium to light coverage. I did try to build it up a bit but didnt really notice better coverage by applying more of the stuff on my face. I do find myself using this more as a top up to my foundation and I think it really does brighten your face up a bit when used as a setting powder.
Balance -n-brighten foundation in fair
Balance -n-brighten foundation in fair
Swatch of Balance-n-brighten in fair
Swatch of Balance-n-brighten in fair
  • All the baked products in this collection are very finely milled and silky smooth to touch.
  • Both the balance-n-brighten foundation and bronzer are swirled with different colors to provide color correction. The Bronzer in this kit seemed a bit cooled toned to me. It is probably best used to warm up the cheeks.
The Bronze-n-brighten in Fair
The Bronze-n-brighten in Fair
Swatch of the Bronze-n-brighten in Fair
Swatch of the Bronze-n-brighten in Fair
  • I have to say that my favorite thing in this kit is the blush ! I generally love to use blushes and this one was sooo pretty!! It looks natural and I wore it once for almost 12 hours straight and didnt notice any fading!
So pretty in the pan...Pink Buttercream !
So pretty in the pan…Pink Buttercream !
Such a pretty swatch too!
Such a pretty swatch too!
  • I absolutely love the eyeshadows too! The pairing in this duo eyeshadow work well together and are extremely pigmented and long lasting. Unfortunately, I couldnt photograph the swatches well enough…I promise they look better when applied on the eye lid than in my swatch pic !
Th eyeshadow duo in Pink Icing and Devil's Food
Th eyeshadow duo in Pink Icing and Devil’s Food


The swatches...they look better than this promise! :)
The swatches…they look better than this I promise! 🙂
  •  There are 2 brushes in this kit and usually I find that most brushes included in kits are cheaply made and useless. But in this case, I like the brushes too! They are well made and the bristles are soft. I do use the eye shadow brush quite a bit when travelling and the powder brush in this kit is actually perfect for applying powder to the hard to reach areas of your face.
A closer look at the 2 brushes in this kit
A closer look at the 2 brushes in this kit

Now lets take a look at the not so good things about this kit!

  • I already mentioned this at the beginning of this post..I don’t like the bag. Its not well made and doesnt look that great.
  • I think you must have noticed how in all the shots of the products in the pan there is powder everywhere around the rim. This is the downside to having that nice fine milled powder. I find all the 4 baked items in the kit a bit powdery and messy when applying because of how fine the powder is..
  • I find the problem above gets aggravated when you try to use your normal brushes for these products due to the fact that they are small pans. It is annoying to have powder fly everywhere when I try to use my normal size blush brush for the blush!
  • I have to say that the bronzer is my least favorite item in this kit. I was hoping to use the bronzer for contouring and when i tired it out it was terrible! Once you apply the bronzer it kind of stays put and doesnt blend so in the end I had 2 lines on my cheeks…you dont need further details of a contouring gone wrong scenario now do you?! Also the bronzer looked too pinkish on my maybe I’ll just use it as a bronzer blush!

Ingredient wise I don’t see anything too troubling except that her products do contain Talc and Mica which some people like to avoid. They are paraben free, incase you are looking out for products which don’t use them. Do feel free to ask me details about any of the ingredients listed!

Overall, I have to say I liked this kit. Its a nice way to try out different products from the Laura Geller baked collection if your new to her brand and products!

All about dry skin and moisturizing!


Well here is the post that will help you answer all about those questions that pop in your head when your trying to decide which moisturizer your going to buy….Why is my skin so dry? How does skin hydrate itself naturally?  How does putting on some moisturizer change the game? What kind of ingredients should I be looking for in a moisturizer ? I will try to keep things easy to read and short ….. Lets see if I can stick to that promise 😉

Firstly we need to take a look at the structure of the human skin and soooo ..back to the biology textbooks folks!



Structure of the human skin (Source: Wikimedia commons)


As you maybe aware, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Its primary functions include providing a protective barrier against microorganisms, toxic substances and UV radiation found in the environment. It also plays an important role in regulating body temperature and preventing moisture loss depending on environmental conditions. The skin consists of 3 main layers; the epidermis, dermis and the fat layer/subcutaneous layer as shown in the picture above. When it comes to answering questions on skin hydration, the most important layer would be the outermost layer which is in direct contact with the external environment i.e the epidermis.

Taking a closer look at the epidermis we see that it can be further subdivided into 4 layers, from bottom to top:

  • stratum basale
  • stratum spinosum
  • stratum granulosum
  • stratum corneum

Now lets try and answer some questions !


How does the skin produce new cells and shed old ones?

The primary cells found in the epidermis are keratinocytes. New column shaped keratinocytes are formed by the division of cells found in the stratum basale. These newly formed cells push their way up into the stratum spinosum where they change to a polygonal shape and start producing keratin. These cells are held together by ‘bridges’ called desmosomes and hence have a prickly appearance under a microscope. As more cells are produced in the stratum basale, these prickly cells are further pushed to the next layer, the stratum granulosum. In this layer the cells flatten and lose their nuclei and become granular cells. As these granular cells rich in keratin migrate to the stratum corneum, they secrete lipids and proteins which together with the desmosomes help the stratum corneum to be an efficient barrier to water loss as well as water entry. Once the cells reach the stratum corneum, they are referred to as corneocytes. As these new cells are pushed into the stratum corneum the older cells are shed by a process called desquamation. During desquamation, the desmosomes are broken down by various enzymes thereby allowing the old skin cells to ‘slough off’. This whole process of cells migrating from the the stratum basale all the way to the stratum corneum takes about 3 weeks.

How does the skin keep itself hydrated naturally?

Water is primarily stored in the dermis, where the moisture content is as high as 80% and one of the functions of the dermis is to provide hydration to the epidermis. As I stated earlier, when the granular cells migrate to the stratum corneum they secrete lipids  (ceramides, fatty acids etc) which are found surrounding the corneocytes. They arrange themselves into a bilayer and act as a barrier, selectively allowing things to go in and out of the skin. They are hydrophobic and this water repelling nature makes the skin water proof. Additionally they also do not allow water to escape from the dermis and epidermis. This is nature’s way to prevent water loss from the body to the environment through evaporation. The amount of moisture ideally present in the stratum corneum is only 20%. This moisture from the environment is held on with the help of a group of hygroscopic (water grabbing) components referred to as Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) found in the corneocytes. The NMF is composed primarily of amino acids and also a mixture of salts like urea and lactates. Once the NMF grabs onto moisture and becomes hydrated, they interact with keratin fibers present in the stratum corneum thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin. Well now you know who is responsible for that healthy and supple looking skin! The skin is highly dynamic and as you may have guessed the production of NMF is related to humidity in the environment thereby regulating the moisture content of the stratum corneum depending on environmental conditions.

How does the skin get dry?

So as I explained above, the hydration of the stratum corneum is due to the moisture it draws from within (from the dermis) and due to the presence of NMF.

  • During the dry winter months and when the body is exposed to low humidity conditions water gets lost from the stratum corneum by diffusion.  Under dry air conditions a water vapor gradient between the moisture rich skin and drier air gets established,thereby causing  water loss from the epidermis. This moisture loss is expressed in terms of transepidermal water loss (TEWL).
  • If you go back to my explanation of how the old skin cells  are replaced by new ones you’ll see how the process called desquamation is important for releasing  the old cells from the skin surface. When the TEWL is very high, the stratum corneum becomes very dry and when this happens the enzymes responsible for breaking down the desmosomes cannot function. The result of this chain of events is the appearance of dry flaky sheets of skin which cannot detach since the cells are all still attached to each other.
  • Age can also play a role. It has been shown that there is a sharp decline in the production of lipids which surround the corneocytes with age, thereby increasing our susceptibility to dry skin as we grow older.
  • As strange as it may sound too much exposure of the skin to water can also dry it out. The NMF is highly water soluble and excessive contact with water especially hot water can wash away the NMF thereby disturbing the moisture controlling mechanism of the skin.
  • Excessive exposure to UVB radiation can reduce the skin’s ability to produce NMF and also disturb the bilayer arrangement of the lipids surrounding the corneocytes.
  • Another major culprit responsible for drying skin is soaps and cleansers. Although they have their benefits, prolonged use of harsh cleansers can strip the skin of NMF and disrupt the functioning of the lipids in the stratum corneum.

What is a moisturizer? How does it work?


File:White moisturizer.jpg

Source: Wikimedia Commons


A moisturizer is any agent used to balance the effects of harsh environmental conditions and the stripping away of the naturally occurring  lipids and NMF from the skin. Most light weight moisturizers and lotions are oil in water emulsions which means they are largely made up of water with oil or lipids dispersed within. This system is held together by emulsifiers which make sure that the oil droplets don’t separate out from the water since in nature oil and water do not mix. Thicker moisturizers are water in oil emulsions which means the main component is oil with water droplets dispersed and are again held together by emulsifiers. So what are the moisture enhancing components in a moisturizer? well, all moisturizer contain either all or a combination of occlusives, humectants and emollients.

  • Occlusives: They function by forming a hydrophobic  film on the skin and thereby significantly reducing TEWL. They thus act by mimicking the lipids found around the corneocytes. Commonly used occlusives include mineral oil, lanolin, beeswax etc. If present in a high concentration they do contribute to a greasy feeling on the skin after application.
  • Humectants: They mimic the NMF. They function by helping the Stratum Corneum grab onto moisture from the external environment and also helps draw more moisture to the epidermis from the dermal layer. Due to this latter function if used alone they can be drying since too much water drawn from the dermis to the surface will result in greater TEWL. Hence occlusives are almost always used along with humectants. Some humectants commonly found in skin moisturizers are glycerin, panthenol, lactic acid, propylene glycol etc
  • Emollients: They are mainly lipids and oils which help to soften and smoothen the skin. They achieve the smoothening effect on dry skin by acting as a filler between the flakes of dry skin. Some fatty acid derived emollients also help improve the production of the NMF and lipid activity in the stratum corneum. Examples of emollients : dimethicone, isostearyl alcohol, jojoba oil, castor oil etc.

I hope this post gives some insight into the wonderful mechanisms through which our skin regenerates itself, keeps itself moisturized , when to give it some moisturizer love and what happens when you pamper your skin with moisturizers !


Until next time ciao!



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The Balm Girls Foxxy Pout…now thats a pretty pout :)

Hey there!

I should have maybe done this as my first post in honor of the fact I was a lippy lover since age 3 🙂 There was a time when I used to sneak into my parents bedroom whenever I felt like it and dab on a bit of moms lipstick..I have broken quite a few of them in my mad dash to smear it on and run away before anyone noticed me rummaging thru my moms stuff (so much for trying to do things undetected huh?). The very first cosmetic product I purchased on my own was also a lipstick and I guess thats true for a lot of women and girls !

Before I actually get into reviewing our lipstick in hand today..I have one more confession to make..I love pretty packaging (who doesnt!) and many a times it REALLY REALLY messes with my head when I am trying to decide if I want to buy something or not..basically I am every cosmetic company marketing teams dream customer 😛

These 2 titbits of info I gave you about myself is really relavant to this post..since I will be reviewing The Balm’s ‘The Balm Girls’ lipstick in the shade Foxxy Pout. Now if your familiar with The Balm cosmetics, and you have the pretty package syndrome know what I am talking about 😉

The good stuff…

  • You guessed it! …The packaging…Its so pretty..and fun…I usually dont keep the outer packaging of makeup products for too long but this one was too cute to throw away so I still have it although I’ve owned this lipstick for a while now. The lipstick itself is in a nice shiny tube reminiscent of a bullet casing which is not bulky and easy to ferry around in a bag. Take a look at this picture below for further proof 🙂

The Packaging!


  • I love the color of foxxy pout..actually I have a love hate relationship with it..somehow I feel this color looks nicer when I wear it for a night out rather than during the day. The soft yellow indoor lights make this color look so much nicer on my lips than sunlight for some reason! It could be because the shade is a nice mix of coppery, pinky bronzy tones..very warm toned in general and therefore looks glowy and cozy under yellow lights.


  • The pigmentation is top swipe and I have the color on in full glory. As you may have noted from the picture above and below there is some glitter ..ok not some..lots of glitter bits  in this lipstick. The good news is its quite fine and doesnt give you that gritty feeling on your lips.


The not so good stuff…

  • I have to admit I dont like the texture so much. Its light weight on the lips which is a good thing but I like to get that feeling of something moisturizing my lips..this just felt so dry going on my lips. It doesnt have that rich creamy texture I’ve come to associate with some of really nice lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. But I dont mind wearing this lipstick after slathering on a good amount of lip balm which brings me to my next point..
  • When I wore this lipstick without priming my lips real good with a chapstick, I found that after an hour or 2 my lips became dry and felt uncomfortable and the product settled into the fine lines on my lips.
  • This lipstick has a minty smell and it has that icy cooling menthol feel for a  minute or so  when you apply the lipstick. Some people may actually like it but to me it felt like something stinging my lips. The good thing is that the smell and that feeling goes away pretty quickly.yay!

The claims…Do they work?

So here is what I pulled up from  The Balm website 

‘These double agents provide your pucker with amazing pigment and rich conditioners. TheBalm Girls’ sleek packaging can infiltrate even the smallest evening bag to give your lips all the secret service they need!’

The Ingredient List
  • Claim 1 is that these balm girls have amazing pigment. I have to agree that this is true after using this lipstick for a while now. A look at the ingredient list also available at their website, will show you the super stars responsible for this. Iron oxides, found in most lipstick formulations are synthesized in labs and is responsible for the red color. The addition of other pigments like red 7 lake,yellow 5 lake, blue 1 lake carmine etc helps to create different shades. In the case of foxxy pout I suspect there is a high proportion of mica due to the highly shiny nature of the product. The ingredient list is also available at their website incase you do find it hard to read from my rather terrible photo of the box!


  • Claim 2 : Rich conditioners. Now this may seem strange considering I just ranted about how this product doesnt feel moisturizing on my lips but a look at the ingredients shows a list of skin conditioning and mositurizing components. The first 3 ingredients listed; pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, hydrogenated polyisobutene and  isostearyl isostearate are synthetic skin conditioning agents. Additionally we have a list of naturally derived oils like jojoba seed oil, olive oil, soybean oils listed as well. So why didn’t my lips like this so much from a mositurizing perspective? Well I think it could be the fragrance in the product which might be alcohol derived and therefore dried out my lips. The peppermint oil listed in the ingredients, something my lips didnt like, can also dry out the lips and can be an irritant (International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biosciences).

I really wanted to love this lipstick considering how much I like the other products I tried from The Balm. I like this lipstick for its rather unique color and putting on a lip balm prior to swiping it on my lips partly solves the lip drying issue. Looking at things from a price perspective (USD 17) I would have expected a little bit more mositurising love from this lippy. Overall, I dont see myself buying this again but I will definately try their other lip formulations soon!

I found my True Match…and it is luminous!

Hey There!

I started exploring the world of foundation only quite recently.  Thankfully I don’t have too many issues with my skin…at the max an occasional pimple or redness so I was able to get by with no foundation for a really long time. Another reason I rarely used foundation was the fact I was living in Singapore till recently and the humidity there can pretty much melt things off your face!

Now that I live in a fairly less humid part of the world I decided to get foundation into my routine more often.  I have pretty dry skin and while looking around for a good drug store foundation I saw this guy to be quite highly recommended for those of us with dry skin.

Now the good stuff…

  • I find that with the huge range of shades offered (atleast from a drugstore perspective) you have a better chance at finding your shade. I am an NC30 in MAC and I found the shade W4 works for me.


  • I found this foundation quite easy to apply. It spreads easily and doesn’t dry too fast thereby giving you enough time to work with it. I also like the finish I got by stippling the product with an ELF powder blush.
  • I like the fact it comes with a pump making the whole process of getting the product out really easy and hygienic as well.
  • Of course the most important thing to look at is the final finish on the skin! And yup I love the glowy dewy look this foundation gave to my skin :)! You can see it in the picture with the foundation blended!


The not so good stuff…

  • As far as the staying power goes..they claim the product will last upto 8 hours but I did notice myself getting slightly oily after around 5 hours maybe. But it could be because..gulp..I rarely set my foundation with powder  :P..So maybe if I were following ‘the rules’ it might stay longer .
  • This foundation provides light to medium coverage so if you have dry skin and only have minimal skin issues this might work wonderfully! Oily skin girls…I guess you might have to sit this one out..
  • It is slightly pricey for a drugstore product but I am quite happy with the results and wouldn’t  mind repurchasing once I am done with this bottle.

The they work?

These are the claims I found for the product at the Loreal website :

‘ Finally, makeup that creates skin so healthy – it’s luminous! True Match™ Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup combines 3 powerful ingredients that work to improve your complexion the more you wear them. 40% pure water for all-day hydration. Antioxidants and Vitamins C and E for improved clarity and skin tone. And Liquid Light Technology for an instant, luminous glow. Isn’t it time you met your match?

See the Results:
Instantly: skins illuminated.
In 1 Month: skin is clearer, healthier, more luminous

Finish: Luminous
SPF: 20
Coverage: Lightweight, buildable coverage that lasts up to 8 hours
Skin Type: For all skin types. Safe for sensitive skin.’

Now lets take a look at these claims one at a time..

  • They claim that the 40% water present in the product  will  provide all day hydration.Ok I have to say that this is not entirely true…if you take a look at the ingredients you will see that it’s a combination of several components that gives some level of hydration to the skin. As I am trying to figure out the best way to explain this I am tempted to write a full fledged post talking about what exactly happens when you apply a moisturizer to your skin and what affects skin hydration (The geek within is so happy at the thought of writing all about the chemisty of skin :D). I will tackle that post within the next couple of days and put a link to it in this review I promise. For now, all I will say is that the claim of hydration is fulfilled by the team work between the water, glycerin, ethylhexyl hydroxystearate and the various silicon polymers present in this formulation. But hey…doesn’t saying pure water is responsible for hydrating your skin much more wholesome and fresh sounding :)!
  • The antioxidants in this formulation are Vitamin C and E listed in the label as ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherol respectively. Vitamin C is usually present in cosmetics as synthetic  derivatives of ascorbic acid, primarily because it is highly unstable in its raw form. There has been research showing that  ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherol  prevents peroxidative damage to cells  however they do emphasize that its activity is highly dependent on its concentration. Out of the 2 antioxidants it was also shown that Vitamin E is far superior to ascorbyl palmitate (Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology).Now about the claim of them improving clarity and skin tone..I didn’t really see an improvement in my skin since I started using this foundation. However , I did find a research paper which talks about how the combined use of Vitamin E and C can help treat hyper pigmentation (Acta Vitaminol Enzymol). A word of caution though..there are several derivatives of Vitamin C( Ascorbic Acid) used in skin care and cosmetics and not all of them behave in the same way as pure Ascorbic Acid.
  • Now for the next claim…Yes the skin does look illuminated..Did ya see the pic up there ? 🙂 The dimethicone and modified dimethicones present in the foundation have light reflective properties .
  • In  1 month the skin is clearer, healthier and more luminous?….umm I don’t think so..I rely on my moisturizer and other skin care products to do that since I use them more regularly. I personally wouldn’t expect a color cosmetic to give me the same results as regular exercise , eating healthy and a good skin care routine can provide.
  • Finish: Luminous..again did ya see that pic !
  • Now this foundation has an SPF of 20 and the active ingredient working as the sunscreen is Octinoxate also known as Octyl methoxycinnamate. However keep in mind that this compound protects only against UVB radiation and not UVA. There has been quite a bit of controversy in recent years about the safety of this and several other sunscreen components. There have been studies linking the compound to breast cancer since it has estrogen activity ( Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism). However Octinoxate is FDA approved (upto 7.5 % in cosmetics and sunscreens) and the true match lumi has it listed at 7%.  Some of the latest research also shows that the skin permeation of this compound is well below the highest safety limit (Pharmazie) which reaffirms their safety because for all the nasty stuff to happen a large amount must enter your body/blood stream.
  • Yup..the coverage is light to medium and you can buildup the foundation a bit without looking cakey.
  • Now this last claim of being safe for sensitive skin is a bit tricky to tackle…since you cant really define sensitive skin as either black or white..the definition is kind of in a grey area. I would like to point out that folks who are allergic or have bad reactions to sunscreen ingredients cant use this due to the presence of Octinoxate. I do have sensitive skin and I did not experience any skin irritation issues after using this product. As is always the case with people with skin sensitivities its always best to glance thru the ingredient lists and check for yourself.

I hope everyone is having an awesome day and hopefully you didn’t get too bored with all this rambling about the ingredients and such. Till next time..ciao!