The Burt’s Bees Sensitive facial skin’s current best friend!

Hey everyone!!

So winter is far from over although the birds are out chirping 🙂 which is so nice to hear in the mornings!  Hopefully spring will kick in next week..its April already! I need to wear some flirty spring dresses and strappy sandals for a change..I am getting tired of bundling up everytime I step out of the house!

My best friend who lives in Michigan is probably dying for spring more than was so unbearably cold when I visited her a month ago. I forgot to take along a facial cleanser and landed up using her Burt’s Bee sensitive facial cleanser. It was weird using it at first since I am used to having a cleanser foam when in contact with water but she told me this is a cleanser that kind of takes some time getting used to. It didn’t take too long for me to like it..  4 days! Yup! You read it 4 days I saw a change and absolutely loved it ! So when I got back, I went and got myself a tube of this amazing stuff!

Really awesome stuff :)

Really awesome stuff 🙂

The good….

  • hmm..where do I start! first off, its soap free and that really helps if you have dry and sensitive skin.
  • Usually post cleanser my skin feels squeaky clean..and dry. None of that happens with this. Here is where I had mixed feelings the first time I used it. Being soap free it doesn’t lather up like other cleansers I’ve used previously. It has this creamy texture and hence you almost feel like your applying a moisturizer to your wet skin. When you wash it off it feels like there is a film on your skin but once I dry my face with a towel, that slicky feeling goes away and my face feels moisturized and soft!
  • Probably the most important reason I love this is because I did notice a visible reduction in redness. This winter made my skin really dry and red. I found this to be awesome for combating both these issues!
It has a thick creamy texture

It has a thick creamy texture


The not so good….

  • I really don’t have any negative things to say about this product. My friend was right in saying that you have to get used to not expecting your cleanser to foam and your face to feel all squeaky clean. But once you cross that bridge, its a happy ride 🙂
It doesn't foam at all when wet

It doesn’t foam at all when wet

  • The product claims to able to remove makeup..thats not true. You probably will need to use a makeup remover prior to using this. I did test this out as a makeup remover on a day I was wearing minimal makeup (no foundation, only a light wash of eyeshadow on the lids) and it didn’t work. It isn’t a big problem for me because I have always removed my makeup with a makeup remover and don’t rely on facial cleansers to do that.


Looking at the product ingredient wise …

  • That feeling of having a film on your face post application is due to the presence of sunflower seed oil and beeswax both of which act as occlusives by forming a film to prevent moisture loss from the skin.
  • Another primary ingredient in this cleanser is glycerin, one of the best  humectants around. Do check out my post on dry skin and moisturizing to learn more about what occlusives and humectants do 🙂
  • I do see some other interesting ingredients in this cleanser like witch hazel water, which is known to sooth and calm irriatated skin. (Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition) and yucca extract which also has similar properties in addition to having anti microbial activity (Research Journal of Medicinal Plants).
  • Also the presence of anti inflammatory agents like artemisia umbelliformis extract (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry) and euphrasia officinalis extract (Pharmacognosy Review) help combat irritated red skin.


Overall, I am enjoying this cleanser immensely ! Whats your favorite  facial cleanser? 🙂

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