The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Body Butter and Body milk review

Hey everyone !!

Hope your enjoying the first signs of spring! the birds, the sun, the new spring collection makeup! I haven’t picked up any of the new palettes have you? Anyway, today’s review is not on any of the new makeup palettes (sorry to disappoint :P), but on the au lait body butter and body milk by the Scottish Fine Soaps Company.

I see their products quite often at my local TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but its available on Amazon as well. I have to admit I picked these up primarily coz I fell in love with the monochrome packaging and the cow picture and all :). The Body milk comes in a glass bottle which looks like a milk cute is that ! The body butter on the other hand comes in a standard glass jar packaging. Take a look at these fellows…

The Body Butter or Le Beurre Corporel when I am feeling fancy :)

The Body Butter or Le Beurre Corporel when I am feeling fancy 🙂

The Au Lait Body milk

The Au Lait Body milk

Now lets take a look at some of the good stuff…

  • They smell really nice! Both the body butter and the body milk both have a nice light smell which isn’t too powdery nor too floral. The biggest plus is once you apply this on your skin, the smell isn’t overpowering but very lightly lingers on and I love fresh clean light scents in body creams!
  • Both of these do not feel greasy and they do absorb really quickly. The body milk is more suited for daytime use since its less thicker in consistency than the body butter which I like to use post nighttime shower. If  I have to chose a favorite, I think it would be the body milk … its so lightweight on the skin and leaves a nice silky finish too!
The body milk on the left and the thicker body butter on the right

The body milk on the left and the thicker body butter on the right

  • The ultimate goal of these guys is to moisturize the skin and I think they do a pretty decent job. I have been using the body butter quite often this past winter and although I don’t  find it spectacular in anyway, it did keep dry skin at bay.


There was one thing I didn’t  like about both the body milk and body butter……..

  • The ingredients! I was a bit disappointed when I got home and checked the ingredient list. Considering the fact the products are from the au lait range you would expect to see the goodness of milk /lait reflected in the ingredient list. Sadly milk is just listed somewhere in the middle as non fat dry milk. The main ingredient is mineral oil 😦 which is a really cheap ingredient and petroleum derived.
Body Butter ingredient list

Body Butter ingredient list

The Body Milk ingredient list

The Body Milk ingredient list

Now I personally don’t have issues with mineral oil, since mineral oil used for cosmetics have to be of a certain grade in terms of purity and all the bad press on mineral oil is based on the side effects of  the non clinical grade. I just wish the ingredient focus would have been more on milk fat since the name is au lait! All the work of a moisturizer is done by the glycerin and mineral oil in both cases since they are the ingredients that make up most of the product!

As you may have noticed, the body butter is paraben free whereas the body milk contains parabens. So folks having any sort of allergy issues or generally avoiding parabens..take note!

I doubt I’ll purchase the body butter again considering there are so many out there and this one didn’t wow me. The body milk on the other hand feels really nice on my skin and will definitely work as a summer time moisturizer. Has anyone tried these? whats your take on them ?

Till next time ciao!


One thought on “The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Body Butter and Body milk review

  1. Its not the allergic factor that is of concern with parabens its that they are a known carcinogen. Scottish Fine Soaps is making the new line of products without parabens but the older products still have them with no end in sight. I have been using these religiously for years and that comes to an end today, Any company using parabens in their products still does not care about the health of their customers. I have had breast cancer and plan to never do that again. I certainly will not be using a product that has ingredients that are known to cause cancer. Buh Bye, Au Lait!

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