The Covergirl lip perfection lipsticks

Hey everyone!

Okay first off I know that the cover girl lip perfection lipsticks are not exactly the newest things around at the drug store but I tried them out only a couple of months ago and I thought I’d share my views on them 🙂

Somehow I am never really drawn towards Covergirl cosmetics..I am more of the L’ oreal and Milani girl when it comes to drug store. Then I think sometime in february I felt a bit adventurous and bought some covergirl lip products. I’ll review the other stuff sometime! So the 2 shades I picked up from this range were Fairytale and Eternal.


Although they display the color shade on the back of the tube, it isn’t of much help since I found both these shades more bright than the shade displayed on the back. They come in a nice sleek package..not too fancy but not too tacky looking either.


Fairytale (405) is a bright pink almost neon pink, although I actually picked this up thinking it would be more of a coral pink. The bright neon pink makes me look a bit washed out and sick! So I use this  really lightly on my lips..almost just dabbing it and then rubbing my lips together. If your the type who can  rock a neon look then go for it !! 🙂

Fairytale (405)

Fairytale (405)

The second shade I picked up was Eternal (350). Now I really love this shade, its a very pretty magenta! Its a color that looks good when you build it up and also when you apply lightly. Plus neon stuff happening here!

Eternal (350)

Eternal (350)

Now lets take a look at some of the good things about these lipsticks…

  • The colors are really awesome. Although I am not a fan of applying fairytale intensely on the lips, I really like the look of it   when I apply it sparingly. As for eternal, its a gorgeous shade! I am also impressed with the wide range of colors available in this line. They have a really big variety of shades to chose from !
  • Covergirl claims that this line of lipsticks provide saturated color to the lips and I must say they have delivered on that promise! These lipsticks are insanely pigmented and a single swipe does give an opaque coat of color on the lips.
Swatch time !

Swatch time ! Top: Eternal, Bottom : Fairytale

  •  These also don’t feel heavy on the lips and are extremely long wearing. They last well throughout the day even with all the talking, eating and drinking .

Now lets take a look at the not so good stuff ….

  • So I did mention that these are very long lasting..part of the reason is because they stain your lips! Both the shades stain my lips, but Eternal is really extra hard to remove! 1 entire making removing sheet just to get rid of this bugger!
  • It really annoys me that these lipsticks accentuate your dry really need to exfoliate your lips before applying these or they will cling to every bit on your lips!
  • Covergirl advertises these as being way! There are days when these lipsticks dry out my lips even when I am wearing a lip balm underneath! Thats probably my biggest issue with these! The colors are really nice but I have to constantly apply chapstick over them so my lips don’t get battered.

Ingredient wise I am not so impressed with it either..the main ingredient is castor oil which is almost a standard ingredient in any lipstick formulation in addition to alot of waxes ( They do feel a bit waxy on the lips). The shea butter and other moisturizing oils in this product are listed somewhere towards the end of the list which basically means they are not present in very high concentrations,  probably why these don’t feel moisturizing in any way.

Overall, I don’t see myself picking up anything more from this line..unless they change the formulation. The colors are really pretty but there are so many more lipsticks of comparable price and also cheaper ones 🙂 which work much better!

Until next time, ciao!

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