L’Occitane Shea butter body lotion

Hi everyone!

I am sure atleast some of you guys are big fans of L’occitane or atleast love stepping into their boutique which smells like heaven 🙂 I absolutely love the smell of most of their stuff !! When I used to live in Singapore their products were a staple in my daily skin care routine and they have outlets in most big malls. However, in the US, where I live I don’t find their shops around so much and hence miss the whole shop -in -store experience. One of my favourite body lotions from this brand is the shea butter body lotion 🙂 its really what I’d like to call luxury in a bottle!

L'Occitane shea butter body lotion

L’Occitane shea butter body lotion

Although this is labeled as a lotion it has a pretty thick consistency but not as thick as that of a cream. Dont let that scare you!  Despite the thick consistency it absorbs really quickly, is lightweight and doesn’t have any greasy after feel.


The best thing about this product is how awesome your skin feels after use ! I have pretty dry skin most of the year and it reaches a peak during the winter months. This bad boy has been able to deal with my terrible winter skin with ease and also works great as a night time moisturizer during the rest of the year. Now that Spring has rolled in (quite late) I find myself using this as my night time body lotion. The product claims to contain 15% shea butter and looking at the ingredient list I guess they are right.  Shea butter is the second ingredient listed after water followed by glycerin and that explains why it feels so good on the skin and  makes me happy 🙂

The ingredient list

The ingredient list

I love the smell of this lotion too. It is a nice light smell which doesnt overpower any other scent/perfume you might be wearing. The plastic bottle although not fancy looking is quite travel friendly and flexible enough to squeeze the product out with ease. However the newer versions now come with a pump and I’m not sure how travel friendly that is. I have heard people say that the pump also makes it difficult to get the product out..I guess I’ll find out when I repurchase !

If I have to state anything negative about this product it would be the price! This 8.4 fl.oz bottle cost me 32US$. Now that is a lot of money to spend on a body lotion! If I remember correctly it used to cost much less a couple of years ago when I first started using this..so yup it does pinch your wallet! Most likely I will switch to a less expensive body lotion to use in the next couple of months and use this exclusively during the winter months!

Have you tried this or any other L’occitane product? Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time ciao!


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