L’Oreal Hydra-Renewal continuous moisture cream- a review

Hi everyone!!

Happy mid week! only 2 more days to the weekend yay!! The Clarins Hydra Quench Cream for normal to dry skin has been my skincare staple for quite a few years now and I was always happy to shell out 40 to 50 bucks for it since it worked for my skin. However a friend of mine who is also a die hard fan of the Clarins cream told me they changed the formula and it doesn’t help with her dry skin issues anymore. I then decided to go back to the drugstore brands to see if I can find something that would tame my dry skin and guess what! I struck gold with the L’Oreal hydra renewal continuous moisture cream 🙂

L'Oreal Hydra- Renewal Cream

L’Oreal Hydra- Renewal Cream

  • First off I absolutely love the price tag! Its only 6 to 7$ depending on where you are buying it from. A cream that works for 6$ is definitely awesome 😛
  • It has the same light weight feel as the Clarins cream and is extremely hydrating. This is the perfect night cream since it has no SPF so I don’t recommend using it as a daytime moisturizer although I did use this in the winter months during the day as well.
  • The cream quickly absorbs into the skin and hence you don’t have that icky greasy after feel. I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after using this post night time shower 🙂
Light weight texture

Light weight texture

  •  In case your wondering what the ingredients are I am happy to report that the primary ingredients in this cream are Shea butter and glycerin. I am a big fan of Shea butter and was absolutely thrilled to see it listed as the 2nd ingredient right after water on the label. In case you are unaware, ingredients are always listed in their decreasing order of concentration in the product so the first  3 to 4 ingredients are always crucial.
The ingredient list

The ingredient list

  • As you must have noticed while browsing through the the ingredient list, this cream does contain mineral oil and parabens so in case you have any sensitivities towards these ingredients this cream might not work for you.
  • I also have to point out that the cream does have a slight floral scent which doesn’t bother me too much since it disappears after application but in case you are sensitive to fragrances I think you can skip this one.
  • I am also not a fan of the jar packaging since you have to dip your fingers to get the product out each time. But this is a fairly common problem with a lot of face creams don’t you think so ?
Swatch time !

Swatch time !

  • It states on the outer box that this cream is non comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and so it is safe to use if you have acne prone skin. Hence if you have acne prone dry skin this might just work 🙂  However, I do think this cream might be a bit greasy for oily skin folks.
  • As I stated before the lack of SPF means this isn’t a good option if your looking for a day time moisturizer but is definitely awesome for nigh time use!

Let me know whats your favorite drug store moisturizer!? until next time ciao!!

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