Review: Japonesque Velvet Touch Blushes

Hey everyone!!

Hope you guys are having a great week!! Other than the weather everything else has been going real smooth this week ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really excited to share this review with you guys..I am sure everyone has heard of ย the brand Japonesque. They are famous for their amazing makeup brushes and recently (I think! ) they have ventured into the field of color cosmetics. At the moment I have seen these only on the Ulta website so I am not sure if its available elsewhere in the US. I decided to try out the Japonesque Velvet touch blushes during the recent 21 days of beauty steals that was on at Ulta..and I am glad I did ๐Ÿ˜€

First off, lets take a minute to ogle at the beautiful packaging!!

Drool worthy packaging :D

Drool worthy packaging ๐Ÿ˜€

To be honest I was pretty much convinced I needed these blushes in my life just because of the lovely packaging!! The outer cardboard packaging isn’t fancy but the actual compact is so pretty!!

One more pic of the packaging won't hurt!

One more pic of the packaging won’t hurt!

Lovely packaging aside, the actual product turned out to be pretty awesome too. I picked up 2 shades, 03 and 04. Unlike other companies, the shades are only numbered no names.

Shade 03 is a very pretty peach with faint shimmer in it but don’t worry those shimmer particles are not going to come off looking glittery on the cheeks. I think shade 03 gave me the perfectly natural looking glowy flushed cheeks! I have a medium skin tone (NC30 in summer) and this is perfect. I think it will look even more fabulous on lighter skin tones.

Shade 03

Shade 03

The second shade I picked up was shade 04 which is a really bright pink ๐Ÿ™‚ This one is pretty shimmer of any kind. This is a shade which will look awesome on a lot of skin tones although its quite bright. For me, this one adds a little bit more color to the cheeks compared to 03 but still natural looking ๐Ÿ™‚

Shade 04

Shade 04

  • These compacts do come with a full size mirror inside so if your the type of person who applies makeup on the go yay for you ๐Ÿ™‚
  • These blushes are pigmented but not so pigmented that you need to worry about looking like a clown every time you apply these. They are very build able so you can easily adjust the level of intensity you want to achieve. Hence I recently suggested this blush to a friend of mine who is just getting started with blushes.
  • Once you apply these blushes, they seem to stay put for the whole day (8-10 hours) which is really awesome..dont you think so ?
  • I really love that these look natural on my face. If your looking for the ย my cheeks but better look these blushes are the way to go!! Like I mentioned previously, they give a nice naturally flushed healthy glow to the cheeks ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The blushes are rightly named ย velvet touch blushes! They are very velvety to touch and the powder is very fine and silky.
Swatches: 03 on top and 04 on the bottom

Swatches: 03 on top and 04 on the bottom

  • ย There arnt too many shades to choose from unfortunately..there are totally 6 shades..half of them looking more like bronzer shades to me…which brings me to my next point..
  • These are available only online (atleast in my case)..the 2 Ulta stores near where I stay don’t carry them in store, so I picked these 2 shades since they looked more like the traditional blush shades and I assumed hence they would be ‘safe’ shades to pick up! I usually like to swatch things in store before buying them.
  • These are priced at 22$ a piece which is actually okay since you do get 6.5 g of product ..but then again I like to swatch before buying non drugstore make up.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review.. I did pick up a lip product as well from Japonesque , which I will review next week…so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time, ciao!!!


10 thoughts on “Review: Japonesque Velvet Touch Blushes

  1. I’m actually starting to work at Ulta next week, so this is definitely going to be the first product I buy with my employee discount! They look like such great blushes! -BeautyByAndriana

  2. Omg, the packaging is mesmerizing. And it looks so un-flimsy. Sadly, only Japonesque brushes are sold where I’m from, so I’ll just have to keep drooling against the monitor re these ones.

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