Japonesque Pro Performance Lip Lacquer Review

Hey everyone!!

Happy Thursday! If you remember, last week at the end of my review on the Japonesque Blushes (here) I promised to review the other item I had picked up from the Japonesque color cosmetics line..The Pro Performance Lip Lacquer :). Again, like I mentioned in the previous post, the fact that these are available only online at the Ulta website (my local Ulta stores don’t carry them in stores) picking up a shade was a challenge, but I ultimately picked up shade 06 since it looked wearable to me.

Japonesque Lip Lacquer in shade 06

Japonesque Lip Lacquer in shade 06

  • Online, this shade did look a bit lighter to me, but the color you see through on the tube is exactly the color you get on your lips. So if your fortunate enough to have an Ulta nearby that carries these in stores you know for sure that the color you see through the tube is what you get on your lips.
  • I would describe this as a liquid lipstick with a hint of shine but not as much as a gloss. The reason why this reminds me of a liquid lipstick is because of how opaque and intense this color is !! Below is the swatch of a single swipe of the applicator.
Single swipe swatch of shade 06

Single swipe swatch of shade 06

  • I like how this applies on my lips. It has a very smooth creamy consistency and a little goes a long way(key point to keep in mind)!! The pigmentation is so intense that it does stain my lips, though I am not sure if that’s the case with the lighter shades.
  • The shine does wear off after drinking and eating but the color still sticks around on your lips so I would say that it has a reasonable staying power although it wont be looking as fresh as when you first applied it in the morning.
  • This has no funny smells (yay!) and although it looks like a heavy goopy product it feels good on my lips and doesn’t dry them out which is a huge deal for me atleast 🙂
  • and of course I have to talk about the packaging! 😛 the top of the lip lacquer tube has the same enamel kind of  embellishment as the blush packaging.
Pretty packaging!

Pretty packaging!

  • Although I love how insanely pigmented this is ..I find it hard to use on a regular basis! Its too intense for my co workers to handle!! 😀 I found the key to making this more everyday wearable is to use a lip brush and take a teeny tiny amount and apply it on the lips. This also helps give you better precision with the application since the brush like applicator that comes with the tube picks up too much product and hence the chances of getting a goopy heavy lip is higher!
  • Also, the lip lacquer when applied in its full glory does transfer to everything your lips touch! Using a lip brush to apply just the right amount helps reduce that greatly too.
The brush applicator

The brush applicator

Overall, I like this product but I don’t love it as much as I love their blushes! There are a total of 8 shades to chose from, out of which at least 3 shades (including the one I picked up) look really intense! Since I found a way to tone down the intensity of this color I am happy since its not money wasted. I did like the look on my dad’s face when he came to pick me up from the airport and I had slathered this in its full glory on my lips 😀 So yes, it can be used with a heavy hand when you want to have some fun 😉

Until next time ..ciao!!


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