The Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hour foundation

Hey everyone!

Welcome to an episode of  Lilly searching for a good drug store foundation (There will be more foundation trials and tribulations  episodes to come). I picked up the Rimmel Lasting Finish a few months back on a whim. I got the wrong shade which seems to always be an issue when I shop for a drug store foundation. However, it wasn’t so off that I couldn’t test it out 🙂

Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation

  • I really enjoy the feel of this foundation. It gives a nice light to medium coverage. I think it can be built up carefully to a full coverage if you want but I have not tried since I am mostly happy with medium coverage.
  • It dries to a nice matte finish which isn’t too matte that your skin looks parched but just the right amount of matte with a hint of  a glow. I was surprised that the matte look  didn’t accentuate any dry patches (I do have dry skin), so I think this foundation will work great with most skin types!
  • Actually when I realized that the shade wasn’t a good match for my skin tone I was hoping this would oxidize 😛 but this doesn’t! So for those of you who can find the right shade this is good news!
  • The foundation does have a weird floral smell but it disappears after you apply so I am not too bothered by it.
Swatch time!

Swatch time!

  • The biggest issue with trying to buy this foundation would be trying to figure out your shade. The transparent tube doesn’t help too much. The shade I picked up has pink undertones and gives my yellow undertone skin a greyish cast if I try to build it up to a medium coverage. It however helps cover up blemishes and also dark circles for me 🙂 So recently I’ve been using this more as a corrector/concealer.
  • The shade range in general is quite limited. So if you find a shade that matches you perfectly its akin to winning the lottery 🙂
  • Once you apply the foundation to your face, you have work real fast! I find that once it sets it refuses to budge and blending it out is next to impossible. Because of this I find it easier to apply it in a buffing motion with a brush or with my finger tips. I found it hard to stipple the foundation onto my face since it sets too fast!

Overall, I am impressed with what this foundation can do considering its low price point! I am not sure about the 25 hour claim since I have never worn makeup continuously for more than 12 hours 🙂 This did last me a good 7 to 8 hours before it started to show signs of wearing off so I doubt it will last 25 hours. They also claim to have a build in primer which for me doesn’t make much of a difference when comparing its wear time to other foundations. I do not use a face primer everyday, so I mostly wear foundations over my moisturizer and this one with the built in primer was no different than the rest.

Hope you guys are having a great week! Until next time, ciao!!



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