The L’Oreal Colour Riche LeGloss in Saucy Mauve

Hey everyone!!

Its been a while since I last posted something on the blog! I have been busy travelling, attending weddings and getting dental issues sorted out! I am not much of a lip gloss person, partly since all the ones I have tried till date feel sticky and generally failed to impress me. Also, on a regular basis I stick to just plain old lipstick and so I am surprised that a humble drug store lip gloss managed to get me interested in lipglosses again. I picked up the Loreal LeGloss in saucy mauve on a whim when I saw it marked down at my local target and I am glad I did 🙂

LeGloss in Saucy Mauve

LeGloss in Saucy Mauve

  • This lip gloss managed to overcome one of my pet peeves about lipglosses..the sticky factor! Surprisingly, I did not find it gooey or sticky on my lips. It does have a thick texture when it comes out of the tube, but that doesn’t translate to goop on the lips.
  • I have not used this on its own so much since the color ,although it looks bright in the tube comes off very muted on the lips. I like to use this more as a top coat for my lipstick where it adds some shine and gloss to the  lipstick color on your lips.
  • At the time of purchasing the gloss I had no idea about the ingredients since its not listed on the tube. But when researching the ingredients for this post I was happy to see that this lipgloss has vitamin E and even Argan oil listed among the ingredients. That probably explains why I didn’t find this gloss to be drying when I wore it on its own a couple of  times! A non drying, non sticky lipgloss sounds good doesn’t it?! 🙂
The applicator

The applicator

  • I usually like to have a doe foot applicator for lipglosses but this Lancome juicy tube kind of applicator didn’t bother me too much. You just need to be careful about the amount of pressure you apply just in case a whole lot of the stuff comes charging out!!
  • Now, I have to warn you that this lipgloss has a sweet sugary caramel kind of smell which you will either love or hate compeletely! 😀 The smell wears off pretty soon after application but it is quite strong when you first apply.
  • The staying power of this lipgloss is average in my opinion but then again I have yet to find a lipgloss that stays fresh for more than 3 hours when eating and drinking are involved. I do find some of the gloss still around after eating and drinking which is a good sign I guess 🙂
Swatch time!

Swatch time!

  • As you can see from the swatch above, the color is a really pretty rosy pink with tiny specs of glitter. The only downside I see with this gloss is that you need to really pack on the gloss if you want any color payoff on your lips. But it functions well as a lipstick topper, adding some extra oomph to your lips 😛

Hope you guys are having a great week so far! Until next time..ciao!!


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