Garnier skin renew anti-dark circle eye roller

Hey everyone!

It has been such a busy week and now finally things seem to be slowing down! I can’t wait for the weekend especially since its gonna be nice and sunny for a change!! time to hit the beach finally 😀

Today’s post is about a product with which I have a love-hate relationship with! Sometimes the Garnier anti dark circle roller works really well for a while and sometimes it looks freaking awful when applied to my under eye area. Now, I don’t have really bad under eye circles for the most part but I do get a dark under eye area if I don’t get enough sleep so I thought even a moderate coverage under eye concealer like this guy will work for me.

The Garnier Skin Renew anti dark circle roller

The Garnier Skin Renew anti dark circle roller

  • It has a nice enough packaging which is sleek and easy to carry around in your purse or take with you when travelling.
  • I also like the roller ball application since it works well with the thin consistency of the concealer unlike many other roller ball applied concealers I’ve seen where the product is too thick to come out via the roller ball.
  • Is it bad that those were the only 2 nice things I have to say about this thing :(. I find this very hard to blend nicely. I also have to take care not to apply too much because then it looks cakey and when I apply a tiny amount of it, its hard to blend! So once in a while I do manage to apply just the right amount of the product and also blend it and then it looks fab …for a while…then it starts to dry out my under eye area  and I see fine lines which are otherwise never visible!! How sad is that!! 😦
  • I don’t remember what shade I got this in since I no longer have the outer box (I think there was only 1 shade)..but the shade I have can be a little too dark for anyone who is really fair skinned. I am very confused by this product in general since some days it applies orangey on me and some days too yellow…the first time I used it it was nice and pink!!! Even in the swatch below it looks pink toned! Maybe the color of my under eye darkness changes every once in a while!! 😛
A swatch

A swatch

  • I did look up the ingredients of this concealer and I have to say that denatured alcohol is the 3rd listed ingredient which is probably why it is drying out my under eye area. Sigh! Overall, I have to say this was a bad purchase!!

I am still trying to find ways to make this work for me since I hate throwing away stuff unless I’ve really tried everything possible to make it work! Do let me know if this works for you and how you apply it? Do you blend with your fingers? or use a brush? I’ve tried it all and  it looks cakey and splotchy 70% of the time!

Hope you are all having a fab week…until next time ciao!!


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