Champneys Spa Indulgence Distant Shores Body Butter Review

Hello everyone!

Now that summer is officially here its time to bring out those light summery/tropical scented body products out of your stash or go get some new ones. I am generally not a fan of overly coconuty or papaya smelling products and so I am always on the look out for body lotions and butter which smell light and fresh without the coconut/papaya undertones. I came across the Champneys Spa Indulgence line at my local target a couple of months back and picked the body butter with passion fruit and mango extracts. It comes in a cute pink tub and smells quite nice in my opinion 🙂

Champneys Body Butter

Champneys Body Butter

  • I gravitated towards this product solely coz it smelt nice and very different from the usual stuff. I am a big fan of passion fruit juice ( reminds me of my awesome trip to Sumatra in Indonesia some 2 years ago; the passion fruit juice I had there was out of this world) and this smells very much like passion fruit to me. So in other words this gets you in the tropical mood sans coconut 😀
  • When I first used this product I found the texture to be really strange. It is a very thick cream which is quite dense and stiff when you first scoop it out. Surprisingly, when you spread this on your skin it is extremely lightweight and does not sit on top on the skin. It also has no greasy after fell so I think its perfect for summer.


  • This is suitable for normal to dry skin. I don’t find this to be extremely moisturizing although it has a thick texture when you first get it out of the tube.
  • Frankly I bought this for the smell 🙂 and ingredient wise it does not promise to do any magic for your skin. The primary moisturizing ingredient is glycerin and there is some amount of shea butter as well. It does contain grapefruit peel oil,lemon peel oil, mango extract, passion fruit extract and orange extract and it is a blend of all these guys that gives this a really nice smell.
The Ingredient list

The Ingredient list

Overall, this was a fun product to try out. Champneys does have some other interesting smelling stuff in their spa indulgence line which I will check out soon :). Have any of you guys tried this or any other Champneys product ?

Until next time ..ciao!


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