Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe texturizing shampoo and conditioner

Hello folks!!

So a couple of weeks back I was lucky to receive The Surfsup VoxBox from Influenster. One of the items in the box was the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe shampoo and conditioner which I thought I’d review on the blog today 🙂 so yes this was sent by Influenster for free for testing purposes.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the tubes was the overpowering smell of coconut! 😀 Well I can do coconut smells most of the the Organix brazilian keratin therapy conditioner which smells very similar to this but is a little bit more subtle! The funny thing is , I found the coconut smell of the shampoo more pleasant than the conditioner. The coconut smell from the conditioner had very chemical undertones. In case your wondering why I am devoting so much time to how it smells …well when I got these in the mail I could smell the coconut scent before opening the box!!


  • The shampoo promises to give you tousled waves, hydrate and gently cleanse your hair. The Shampoo has a normal consistency and being sulfate free, does not lather. Hence, if like me you are used to lathering up your shampoo you might land up using quite a bit of the product initially to get that clean feel you get when you use normal shampoos.
  • The conditioner promises to detangle, hydrate and provide wavy volume.  I found the conditioner to be quite runny and therefore I had to apply quite a bit of it to feel like there is something coating my hair!
  • After drying my hair, I do notice nice waves and some volume so the shampoo and conditioner do deliver on those promises, which is good news!
  • But, I have to say that although both the shampoo and conditioner promise to provide hair felt drier than usual! If you take a look at the ingredients of the conditioner you will see some good stuff like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera which all have hydrating properties so I am guessing that the use of sodium olefin sulfonate (a harsh detergent) in the shampoo is causing all the drying out. The ingredient list on the travel size tubes I got is a bit tough to read, so you can check out the full list of ingredients on the ULTA website.

Overall, I am not a big fan since my hair is prone to dryness and the shampoo seems to suck out all the moisture and the conditioner is just not ‘strong’ enough to put back all that lost moisture. I like the volume and the waves this product gives my hair but I prefer healthy hydration over volume and waves. Maybe, this would be a good choice for someone with oily flat hair and wants some volume 🙂

Until next time, ciao!!


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