Probiotics and glowing hair and skin? seems to work for lab mice atleast :)

Hey everyone!!

So today I thought I’d share some research that I came across a few days ago where in they found a link between a diet rich in probiotics and shiny hair and ‘youthful glow’….in aged lab mice 😀  Of course, they hope the same magic will work for us humans and I won’t complain if it did since I love yogurt 😀

Picture source: wikimeida commons

If you are interested in reading the full text of the research paper here is the link: Probiotic Bacteria Induce a ‘Glow of Health’

So the gist of this study is as follows:

They state that certain probiotic organisms dominate under natural conditions during infancy and fertility in many animal species. Taking that into consideration the scientists hypothesized that probiotics may play a role in effecting the ‘glow of health’ associated with youth and reproductive fitness. So they set about to feed aged lab mice with probiotic organisms to see if it  recapitulates these signs characteristic of youth within aged adult animals.

  1. The scientists noticed a change in the luster and density of coat hair in aged mice after feeding them a diet consisting of a probiotic rich yogurt. They found that these changes were more significant in female mice.
  2. They also noticed that the dermis (skin layer) was thicker in female and male mice on the probiotic rich diet compared to mice on a control regular diet. As you know with age our skin becomes thinner and hence more dull, so this result aims to hint at the fact a probiotic rich diet restores youthful glow in mice.

They found that these changes occur because the probiotic microbes impart some hormonal and immune system changes (w’ll not go into the details ..this is a beauty blog after all ). But all in all, don’t you think its really cool that such tiny microbes can affect our skin and hair when consumed!  There is also another paper out in case you want to read more into the data they provide for these claims : Probiotic ‘glow of health’: it’s more than skin deep.

I plan to enjoy my yogurt even if this is not applicable to humans! But it would be cool if it did..don’t you think so 😉

Until next time ..ciao!!



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