The L’oreal Color Riche eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans

Hello folks!!

Hope you guys are having a great day so far! Okay, so how many of you guys like blue eyeshadows? I have never worn blue eye shadow even in my student days! I decided to step out of my comfort zone and dabble a bit in blue..and I thought I’ll try out a drugstore eyeshadow since even if I use it only once,  I won’t die internally from the ‘buying stuff I am not using’ guilt which happens a lot when I buy high end stuff only to put it away in a drawer!

So I skipped over to the nearest drugstore and picked up the L’oreal Color Riche eyeshadow quad in skinny jeans. I had heard that these quads can be a hit or a miss so I took a chance with Skinny jeans and yup I have to report that this was a miss 😦

Skinny Jeans from L'oreal

Skinny Jeans from L’oreal

First off..the packaging..I basically broke off the hinge of this palette the very first time I opened it!! It was too flimsy and the plastic used is of atrocious quality I guess! So this guy is not travel friendly almost immediately after purchase..unless I want to use a rubber band to hold the lid back. sigh!

Lets focus on the shades in this quad now shall we.. at first glance it looks like a nice well thought out blue quad with a cute name like skinny jeans.

The colors

The colors

The first 2 shades at the top, the lightest blue and the white have a pearlescent finish where as the bottom 2 blue shades have a glittery matte finish. The texture of these shadows are not very bad nor are they that leaves us with average huh! So yeah, these are average in terms of texture..they are not chalky but not buttery or smooth either. Take a look at the swatches below to get a better idea on how they perform (looks like I have swatched the colors bottom to top, sorry!) ;



These were swatched without a primer underneath and now here are my thoughts on each shade:

1. The darkest blue : This is pretty decent in terms of pigmentation. I did not notice too much fall out. Unfortunately it looks more black than dark blue when applied on the eye and when swatched.

2. Second darkest blue: This is the shade I hate the most! It does not blend, has bad pigmentation, major fallout and  looks muddy when you try to blend it in the crease (which is what its meant for according to the directions behind)

3. The pearly white shade: I think this is the winner in this blue themed palette (oh!! the irony!)! It has a nice sheen, a little goes a long way and it has decent staying power with a primer.

4. The light blue shade : This has a nice pearly finish on the eye but has terrible fallout! It takes a lot to get some sort of decent pigmentation on the eyelid.

Now, here below I’ll share with you my attempts at using this quad. I have to say it was struggle working with these shadows and made me cherish other eyeshadows in my collection even more 😀

eye look

eye look

For this eye look, I have used a primer underneath and that does help to bring out a bit more intensity with these colors. I put the lightest blue all over the lid, followed by the white shade in the tear duct area and browbone. The outer corner of the eye and outer area of the crease  is a blend of both the darker blues in the quad.

Overall, this is a below average product since 50% of the quad is dud and the packaging failed too. Have you come across any good quads from the color riche collection? I know there is a new collection which was launched recently, hopefully they have reworked the formula for those!

Until next time, ciao folks!!



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