foto friday! 07/18/2014

Hello everyone!

I’m all excited about my road trip this weekend to NY :). I’m meeting up with old friends who are still as awesome as they were when I first got to know them some 10 to 12 years ago!!  There is also a baby shower to attend since one of them is going to have her first kid real soon !!

So, I got back today a bit early from work and have been running errands and started packing…as usual I pack way more stuff (clothes and makeup) than I need! Its just a 2 day trip and so after much debating and screening here is the makeup stuff I am taking along ! 😀 (I am so sure I won’t be using half these things but its always good to have choices!)


So how good are you guys with packing for a trip? over packing/ under packing? whats your thing?

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Until next time…ciao!!

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