The Burt’s Bees Natural Lipgloss review

Hello everyone!

Happy midweek/hump day! How many of you guys are fans of Burt’s Bees? I for one love most of the stuff I’ve tried from their brand and so I didn’t think twice when I bought this lip gloss from my grocery store a while back. Unfortunately, for the first time I was disappointed with a Burt’s Bees purchase 😦 The lip gloss shade I picked up is called Rosy Dawn which is nice petal pink color with fine shimmer in the tube.

Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in Rosey Dawn

Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Rosy Dawn

  • As you can see, the color is really pretty and thats what made me buy this in the first place. However, when applied on the lips, its pretty sheer and the pinkiness of this gloss barely shows up..I was seeing more of my own lip color with this. So I tried to build up the color and that didn’t go well either! When you build it up you do see more of the color, but your lips will become heavy and goopy and messy!
  • This stuff is sticky! Like crazy! I think this is the stickiest lip gloss I have ever used and I am not a fan of sticky glosses!
  • The lip gloss comes with a sponge tip wand applicator which I am not a fan of..primarily because it barely picks up any product from the tube! When it does pick up some product (after you keep pulling it in and out of the tube for 4 to 5 times) you will find that the thick texture of the gloss prevents an even application on the lips.
the applicator

the applicator

  • So after all that trouble of putting it on your lips, how does it fare as a lip gloss? Well, it does provide some shine to the lips but I am afraid not for too long. I noticed that the shine disappears within 2 hours even if no eating or drinking is involved. Also, as the shine disappears the gloss starts to dry out my lips 😦
  • Another problem with lipgloss is the packaging..something is amiss since the product always oozes out from the sides of the cap after closing the bottle. This makes storage a real pain, since this basically oozes out sticky gloss everywhere !
Swatch of Rosy Dawn

Swatch of Rosy Dawn

Although, I really like the idea of an all natural lip gloss consisting of ingredients like sunflower oil, castor seed oil, beeswax, olive oil etc..the final product just failed in so many aspects for me 😦

Have you tried any of the Burt’s Bees Lip glosses? what do you think of them?

Until next time, ciao!!


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