foto friday! 07/25/2014

Hello everyone!

I love getting all DIY and crafty once in a while especially after burning my eyeballs out after staring at Pinterest boards for hours 🙂 I first tried my hand at polymer clay last fall and loved it so much! that I then went on a crazy polymer clay jewelry making binge period ! 😀 I am now tempted to make more stuff, the only problem being that I dunno what to do with all the stuff I make!! I do give them to friends and family but beyond a point its crazy to keep giving people clay jewelry all the time!! I love the idea of selling handmade stuff but I am still learning and feel its too early for an etsy shop although my husband and friends think I should! What do you guys think?


Do you like polymer clay jewelry? Have you tried your hand at this really addictive hobby ? 🙂

Have a great weekend folks!! Until next time..ciao!


5 thoughts on “foto friday! 07/25/2014

  1. I like your stuff. Now to advice I have been hobbyist and have turned hobby to business. Are you prepared for it because once it becomes a business it becomes a job just like any other. You inherit all the worries that come from being in business.

    • Hi! Thank you for your advise 🙂 and you are very correct in pointing out that all the troubles and worries of being in business comes along with selling stuff that started as a hobby. Hopefully in the future sometime when I feel the time is right, I can turn it into a business 🙂

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