Looks featuring the Balm Jovi Palette


So this is like a part 2 since  yesterday I posted a review on the Balm Jovi Palette from the Balm which you can read all about HERE if you haven’t already!! I thought it would be fun to put up snaps of some of the eye looks you can create using this palette. I do have to put out a disclaimer though..I am not a pro in any way when it comes to eyeshadow application 😀 So if you find these laughable I am happy to have made you laugh 😀 These are very simple looks, the kinds that I would do in the mornings in a rush ( Aint got no time for 5 shadows and shadow base et al)

  • Look 1



First off, excuse my bad brows :). This is a very simple look featuring the shade Rem all over the lid, The stroke in the outer corner and metal-ica on the browbone as a highlight. Here I have not applied too much of the shade Stroke so that its still wearable during daytime. You can always amp up the look by packing in more of the stroke on the outer corner to make this a night time look.

  • Look 2


Okay, so this look features the shade Blink 1982 all over the lid followed by Lead Zeppelin in the outer V. I used the shade Iron Maid-en to blend Blink 1982 and Lead Zeppelin  and also used it to highlight the brow bone area. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Lead Zeppelin does not look as pretty as it is in the pan when you apply it on your lids.

  • Look 3


This look features my favorite shade  Alice Copper 🙂 which you can see on the outer corner of the lid. I have used Iron Maid-in all over the lid and used the matte shade Adiago in the brow bone area. As you may have noticed by now, I rarely use a transition crease shade since I have deep set eyes. In case you need to define your eye socket, allegro is a nice brown shade which is perfect in the crease.

  • Look 4


Another favorite shade of mine is Moderato, a deep plum shade. Here its packed on in the outer corner of the eye lid. Third Eye Blind is all over the lid and the brow bone highlight is Iron Maid-in.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I tried my best to capture these looks using my simple point and shoot camera 😛 If you already own this palette tell what is your favorite combination of shades on the lid!

Until next time..ciao!!

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