Nair Spray away hair remover with Moroccan Argan Oil

Hey folks!

I am one of those people who can get really lazy about shaving/waxing! And when an important event is lurking around the corner I jump at any quick fix I can find πŸ™‚ I have been using Veet and Nair hair removal creams for my emergency hair removing needs for several years now. A couple of weeks back I saw this new spray hair remover on a trip to CVS and decided to try it out since it was almost time for the hair removal chore I detest πŸ˜›

Nair spray away hair remover

Nair spray away hair remover

The instructions state that this should be used on dry skin. After shaking the can vigorously, you can spray this onto your skin in an even fashion. I noticed that, most of the hair starts to fall out within 4 minutes which is the minimum recommended time period. They state that you should no keep it on for longer than 10 minutes. In my case, after 4 minutes I just washed it all away, the spray foam and hair in the shower. Here are a couple of things I like about this product:

  • Β It smells way more pleasant than the average hair removing cream. It has a nice citrus and floral scent which is very mild. Usually with hair removal creams the dominant smell is that of rotten eggs,so this was a nice change from that!!
  • The biggest plus about this product is the ease of use. The can still sprays stuff when you hold it upside down and that is very helpful when doing your legs. Considering that applying this on my legs took no more than 3 minutes followed by a wait time of 4 minutes, I think its very useful as a quick fix solution to your hairy leg problems.
  • My skin felt really smooth and moisturized after using this spray. They do state that this has Moroccan Argan oil, but its buried somewhere towards the end in the ingredient list which can be viewed HERE. This also has mineral oil in it and I feel the smoothness is more due to the mineral oil in the product rather than Argan oil.

Now lets discuss some of the things I am not so happy about!

  • It costs roughly 9 to 14 $ depending on where you plan to buy it. I paid 14 $ for it at CVS (they always rip you off!). I used it once and the can is almost half empty already! So I guess I can get another use at the most out of this can. So for 2 uses, the can is quite expensive!!
  • The foam that comes out, forms a really thick layer on your skin and if you move too much it will slide off your skin. So you might have to stand still for a while in the shower while the foam gets to work πŸ™‚

Overall, this is a good thing to have in your emergency beauty kit! I do find it quite pricey considering I can get only 2 uses out of it. However, since I usually epilate or wax and use these sort of products only for emergencies I might still buy it after I am done with this can.

Have any of you tried this new product from Nair? What are your thoughts?

Until next time…ciao!!


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