The LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to write today’s post 🙂 I recently ordered some stuff from the website and I got a set of the LORAC 3D Liquid lustre for free !! If I remember correctly, this set was released during the holidays and I guess they are trying to clear stock. I also noticed that its still available on the LORAC website for 18 bucks which is a steal in my opinion since a single bottle of this retails for around that much!!


The Lorac 3D liquid lustre set

The Lorac 3D liquid lustre set, from left to right:Platinum, Amethyst,Topaz and Diamond

This set comes with 4 different shades: Diamond which is the white shimmer one retails as a single and the other 3 are limited edition shades. Platinum is a grey metallic shade, Amethyst is a lovely deep lavender shade and topaz which is a coppery bronze shade.

The liquid lustre vial consists of very fine shimmer which is suspended in a mixing medium. As you can see from the pic above when the bottles are at rest the pigment and the medium separate out. Prior to use, you have to shake the bottle vigorously to mix the pigment and the medium together and then using the dropper you can dab a little onto to your finger tips and apply on your lids! I have tried to use a brush but I couldn’t get an even application so I would say using your fingers is the way to go.

The Dropper

The Dropper

Now, this is an awesome product to try if you like shimmer of any kind! I have been very happy with the way these perform so far. They do not fade or crease even after 12 hours of wear which is the longest period of time I wore them. According to LORAC, these liquid shadows can be applied over eyeshadow or worn alone on the eyes and even cheeks. I have worn these alone and they are awesome especially Topaz, Amethyst and Platinum since they apply quite opaque. I also prefer to apply these first and they apply eyeshadow on top rather than the other way around as suggested by LORAC.

Once applied it stays put but it can move around a bit if you try to blend using a brush. So in case you want to do some blending after applying these its best to be gentle.



The swatches above are with just a single drop from the dropper after mixing everything vigorously. As you can see from the above swatches, the shade diamond is quite sheer and hence this is more suitable as an eyeshadow topper rather than being used alone on the lids.  Also you might have noticed that the shade platinum which is grey blue gives the best opaque application. These are quite versatile and you can easily build up the intensity if you want to an almost  metal foil like look on the lids 🙂

Now, these come in a glass bottle and they are liquid so they are not very travel friendly in my opinion. Also, if you don’t like shimmer of any kind these are not for you! I find these too intense to wear during the day but they are perfect for a night out 🙂

Overall, this is a fun product to have in your collection!!

I will post some eye looks I have done using look out for that tomorrow folks!! Now available HERE !

Until next time …ciao!!

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