Looks featuring the LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre set

Hey everyone!

So if you guys saw my review on the LORAC 3D liquid lustre set (HERE) yesterday I had promised to feature some looks using them….so here it is!! As I said so in the review yesterday, the liquid lustre does pack a punch in the shimmer/glitter sector so these are perfect for a night out πŸ™‚

Eye Look 1 featuring Liquid Lustre in Diamond



In my review post, I had mentioned how I like to apply the liquid lustre on the eyelid first and then apply eyeshadow on top of it. So here I applied the liquid lustre in diamond followed by a lovely purple matte eyeshadow from MAC all over the lid. The shade is Black Tulip and I think it was a limited edition shade but quite dupable.

Eye look 2 featuring liquid lustre in Topaz



In this look I applied Topaz all over the lid and applied a sparkling blue eyeshadow from an old limited edition Dior travel palette on the outer corner. Here too, any dark blue eyeshadow will do the same πŸ™‚

Eye look 3 featuring liquid lustre in Amethyst



This is also a very easy look to achieve! I have Amethyst all over my lid with Moderato from the Balm Jovi Palette in the outer corner. I really love the color of Amethyst and the shimmer is slightly toned down compared to the other shades. Of course with all of these liquid lustres you can build up or sheer down the intensity. All the looks here are with just a single drop of the liquid lustre per eyelid!

Eye look 4 featuring liquid lustre in Platinum



Platinum applies quite opaque and here I have paired it up with a sparkling black shadow(from the same Dior palette) Β in the outer V area of the lid. As you can see the black gets transformed into a softer darkish blue when applied on top of platinum. Platinum is perfect for a shimmery smokey eye !!

Hope you enjoyed these! Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Until next time …ciao!


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