Some of my favorite earrings for Fall/Winter !

Hey everyone!

SO this is it..we are on the last leg of summer! I was de cluttering my jewelry stash the other day and I thought hey why not blog about some of my favorites! After all I write about all things beauty and these fit the bill perfectly!! As I was reorganizing and purging through my collection it struck me that I always tend to wear long more elaborate earrings during the fall and winter months..with them getting chunkier and more elaborate the closer it is to winter! I dunno about you guys but the reason I do this is because once you start layering up the only jewelry you can really use as a ‘statement piece’ is earrings 🙂


This  blue and gold disc earrings were an absolute favorite of mine last year! I picked these up on a trip to India and they have held up quite well despite a lot of man handling from my side! I like to pair my earrings with my scarfs since I mostly stick to black outer coats/jackets. I used to pair these guys with a nice rich blue scarf very often!


These are smaller in size and if I remember correctly I got these from Old Navy. They are quite well made and pretty for the price (I think they were 5-6 $)! I love that these are the clasp type and not the hook ones. I have lost so many hook type earrings over the years 😦 that I have a tiny bag of single earrings missing a pair!


I have never worn this pair! I completely forgot that I had these with me 🙂 I will definitely be busting these out this fall. This pair is kind of big and a little heavy which is probably why it hasn’t received much love from moi! Don’t you hate it when you pick up a lovely pair of earrings and then don’t wear them since they are heavy.



This was another pair which received a lot of love last year! However, I think wore this more in the winter than during fall. This was also purchased at the same place as the blue and gold disc type earrings.


This mother of pearl earrings were a birthday gift from a friend maybe 5 years ago! I didn’t quite like it back then but now I really love these. They are really light weight and so pretty too!

I hope to add some new pieces to my collection soon! Any suggestions for good online jewelry stores ?

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