Popular products that didn’t work for me :(

Hey folks!

Hope your having a great week so far! Every now and then we all get sucked into buying certain things because everyone and their momma are talking about it! So today I will share 3 things I got with a lot of excitement only to be disappointed 😦 boo! I am sure I can come up with a similar list of things again sometime in the future so let this be a sort of part 1 😀 Lets start off with something everyone loves..including celebs..I’ m talking about those cutesy looking EOS lip balms!

EOS lip blam

EOS lip blam

EOS Lip Balm

yup! these are cute. I like the whole design aspect of the product. But it fails, atleast for me in the function aspect. I don’t find these to be moisturizing for my lips. Maybe I have the driest lips on the planet ..I dunno! If I put this on my lips alone for too long I feel like my lips get drier than they were to begin with! However, these do work well as a sort of base / primer before applying lipstick. So I usually use it as a lip primer these days and not as a chap stick. I am not a big fan of the scent of the one I have either. I think its called fruit punch or summer punch.. not sure. Has anyone else had similar issues with this?

NYC Sunny Bronzer

NYC Sunny Bronzer

NYC Sunny Smooth Skin Bronzer

Everyone on youtube loves to use this to contour their cheek area. Now, I have yet to master the art of contouring but I know enough to declare this as a no no for me. It runs a bit too orangish brown on my skintone 😦 If the color works for you I think its a fabulous product for the price tag of 2 to 3$. Recently I learnt that its better to contour with powders which are more taupe/ grey since that is the color of the natural shadows on your face. Any suggestions for a good contour powder (inexpensive one) for someone learning the ropes when it comes to contouring and highlighting?

Monistat Anti Chafing gel

Monistat Anti Chafing gel

Monistat Anti Chafing gel

I was really really hoping this would work out for me. The internet is ablaze with stories of people using this 6$ product in place of the 30$ smashbox primer since they have identical ingredients. I have to say that I was impressed with this! It made my foundation go on like a dream! However, after 2 days of using this my skin didn’t look that great. Something was amiss..it looked dull and I have a feeling it clogged my pores. After a  couple of clay mask sessions my skin was back to normal but I was too scared to try this out again. I know plenty of people who use this without any issues so I am kinda bummed it didn’t work for me.  Have you guys tried this? Suggestions for any non silicone based primers is also welcome 🙂

Are there any hyped up products that didn’t work for you?

Until next time..ciao!!

4 thoughts on “Popular products that didn’t work for me :(

  1. I agree with your thoughts on the EOS lip balm – cute packaging, but man, does it ever leave my lips drier than I started with! I did a review a while back on this as well :).

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