Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

Hello everyone!

Hope your having a great week so far! Today I am going to talk about another Blinc product I have fallen in love with πŸ™‚ The first one being the Ultra thin eyeliner pen (review HERE). Now I have to admit I am not much of a brow product fan mostly because all the things I have tried so far looks really fake and un natural on me! When I first got this and started playing with it I thought, well here we go again I look like a man when I fill in my brows πŸ˜€ but after a couple of tries I am beginning to enjoy using this product!

Blinc eyebrow mousse in Dark Brunette

Blinc eyebrow mousse in Dark Brunette

If you check out the Sephora website or the Blinc website you will see that this is available in quite a few shades (9 shades) which is impressive. This product is a fusion between a brow tint and a gel and thats a good thing! It comes in a pretty recyclable aluminium canister like most of their products. The shade I picked up is Dark Brunette and it is the second darkest shade available. The product as such is housed in a mascara like tube and has a mascara like wand applicator.

The wand above and dark brunette swatched below

The wand above and dark brunette swatched below

Like I said earlier, after playing with it for a while I found out the best way to use it. The key to using this is to use a light hand! and it also helps you get much better control over the amount of color your depositing on your brows if you wipe off excess mousse off the brush. I know all this sounds like basics but in case your a bit of a newbie with products like this (or a klutz with brow products like me) I hope these tips help πŸ™‚

The kind folks at Blinc told me that its always better to use brow products which are a shade lighter than you natural brows so that when you fill them in you don’t look scary un natural! I am glad I took their advice πŸ˜‰

Now on to product performance… I am impressed! I found that that this fills in my brows without it looking un natural and it also helped keep all the brow hairs in place. When applied it dries quickly too! The one thing I am most impressed with is the lasting power! I wore this on a terribly humid day and was outdoors for a long period of time and I didn’t notice any color bleeding or smudging out of my brows. yay!

Left: Before filling in Right: After filling in the brows

Left: Before filling in Right: After filling in the brows

If you take a look at my eye mugshots above you’ll see on the left, my natural brows which are a little scanty near the inner area and the tail area. I applied the brow mousse concentrating mostly in these 2 areas of my brow and see the results on the right…not bad eh? I think it looks natural and adequately filled in. what do you think?

The only negative point I can think of with this mousse is that if you go a bit over board with the gel in a single spot on your brows, Β you will land up with crunchy brows!

To sum up, I think this would be an awesome product for folks who have some amount of thickness to their brows and want to do some ‘finishing’ touches without going overboard. I am not sure how natural this product would look on someone who has very scanty eyebrows. I generally do not like overdrawn eyebrows so I like that I am able to fill in my brows and still maintain the soft look.

Until next time…ciao!!

*PR sample. Opinions expressed here are my own.


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