Brand Focus: Zao Organic Makeup (discount code for readers!)


Are you looking for a makeup brand that is cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, uses biodegradable reusable packaging and is certified by Ecocert, CosmoBio, Cruelty free international and campaign for safe cosmetics?..look no further my friend! let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Zao makeup! Its not every day you come across a brand like that now is it? 😉  Zao makeup is an Italian brand that has an entire range of color cosmetics from foundations to eyeshadows to mascara; all made from  naturally derived ingredients! I had the opportunity to chose some products to review on the blog and I decided to check out 2 of their lip products; a lip polish and a matte lipstick.

Zao makeup lip polish in Burgundy

Zao makeup lip polish in Burgundy

1. Lip Polish in Burgundy

Before we talk about anything else..lets take a minute to admire the beautiful bamboo tube! I absolutely adore the packaging. I was sent just the tube, but if you were to purchase this from their website, the tube comes in a pretty cotton pouch! Out of the 2 products, I was most excited to try this since so far I have had no luck with natural lip gloss type products. The Lip Polish is described as a lip lacquer which is opaque and glossy on the lips. The applicator is a doe foot type applicator and I am impressed with how pigmented it is! One swipe and I got a nice opaque lustrous coat of color on my lips.

Burgundy Lip Polish; Swatch and on the lips!

Burgundy Lip Polish; Swatch and on the lips!

I really enjoyed wearing this lip polish throughout the day; it did not bleed outside the lip line and it was lightweight, non sticky and super comfy on the lips! I feel this shade is perfect for fall ! It comes out looking more berry toned on my lips compared to the swatch so the final shade might depend on your natural lip color. They do say that this can be used on top of a lipstick, so you can always manipulate the final shade on your lips by changing up your base color. As far as the staying capacity is concerned, I think the lip polish did a good job! The shine did wear off with eating and drinking throughout the day but the color did stick around. Once the gloss wears off, it looks like a matte stain ( which also looks cool in my opinion!).

Overall, I am impressed with the lip polish! It does not dry out my lips and is not so over moisturizing that it feels slippery and goopy. Oh one more thing… This shade makes my teeth look whiter than normal! yay!!

2. Matte Lipstick in Old Pink

The past couple of months has seen me gravitate more towards matte lip products and I am happy to add this to my growing matte lip products collection. The shade I picked up is called old pink. Zao makeup sent me their refill tube. If you like, you can purchase the lipsticks with the bamboo case or just the refills. I think its a neat concept! You can always swap out your old lipstick for a new one and reuse the lovely bamboo case.

Matte lipstick in Old Pink

Matte lipstick in Old Pink

Here below is how the lipstick looks like in the bamboo case if you were to purchase lipstick with the bamboo packaging.


Matte Lipstick - 8 color options

I tried this lipstick out in 2 ways; with a lip balm underneath and without it. In both cases the lipstick feels really lightweight on the lips, however without the lip balm my lips did start feeling dry after maybe 5 to 6 hours of wear time. Again, the pigmentation like the case of the lip polish  is awesome..there was still a reasonable amount of color on my lips after eating and drinking. I do feel that with a lip balm underneath the color was more vivid and my lips felt great till the end of the day. So if you are prone to dry lips like me  make sure to dab on some lip balm!

Matte lipstick in old pink; swatch and on the lips!

Matte lipstick in old pink; swatch and on the lips!

The color is a nice blue toned cool pink as you can see from the picture above. Overall, I like the matte lipstick since it works really well for me when paired with a lip balm. If you live in an area that isn’t dry and cold you might be able to get away with no lip balm underneath!! 😉

Zao makeup has quite a few different types of lip products if you wish to explore the brand even further check out their website at Zao makeup was kind enough to provide a discount code for all of you…so in case something catches your fancy use the Promo Code: ZAO914 (case sensitive) for a 15% discount! You can also follow them on Facebook and twitter as well to keep up with new releases and news!

Until next time…ciao!!


*PR sample. Opinions expressed here are my own. (no affiliate links)

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