Around the world via beauty products: ‘Fragrances of Ireland’ from Ireland !

Hello everyone!!

If you’ve been following this series on my blog you might already know how exciting this series is for me and hopefully your enjoying it as much as I am ! πŸ™‚ Today is the 3rd installment of the around the world via beauty products series and if you would like to check out the past brands and places featured do check out the category around the world via beauty on the side bar of the blog. Today we are travelling to lovely Ireland! The company Fragrances of Ireland is an independent perfume house whose products are inspired by the beauty and nature of Ireland.One of their core fragrances is called Inis which means island in Irish and it is inspired by the western coast of Ireland. Lets take a look at this collection shall we? πŸ˜€

Inis, the energy of the sea

Inis, the energy of the sea

I like the simple clean packaging which is very representative of what the Inis line stands for..the sea, the beach, coolness and clear water. In this post I will be sharing my views on 3 products from this line πŸ™‚

Inis, the energy of the sea cologne spray

This is the core product of this line and it is described as being unisex. I like the clean scent of Inis however I like the smell of this more on my husband than on myself πŸ˜€ This is the type of scent he usually gravitates to.. clean fresh smelling scents which are not too woody or musky. The cologne comes with a little booklet which explains the scent really well. Here is the description for those of you who are perfume connoisseurs:

Top Notes: Sparkling, diffusive citrus notes of Sicilian lemon, Bergamont, Neroli and traces of marine notes

Middle notes: Muguet (lilly of the valley) and Geranium

Bottom notes: Enriching and deepening spice notes of cloves and nutmeg combined with sandalwood,oakmoss and musk

The top notes I detect the most is the smell of Neroli and bergamont. The top notes as you might have noticed are all clean and light smelling. You can very distinctively detect the lilly of the valley middle notes after a point of time. I am no expert in perfumery, but I do know that the way the different notes play out depends on your body core temperature and hence you can detect subtle differences in how it smells on various people.

Inis, the energy of the sea cologne spray

Inis, the energy of the sea cologne spray

The cologne spray comes in a frosty bottle and the name Inis is etched on to the bottle. I am not a fan of the cap of this bottle, which is hard to pull out sometimes! Β Overall, I like this cologne on my husband! It does not disappear at the end of the day and it is subtle enough to wear to work. Does this remind me of the sea? …it does in some ways..the coolness of the scent, the calming and the feel good feeling you get after sniffing it do remind you of a day at the beach or on a boat at sea.

Inis, the energy of the sea body lotion

This is the body lotion with the same scent as the cologne. However, I feel that the middle notes are more prominent when you apply the body lotion on your skin. The body lotion primarily comprises of triglycerides, glycerin and shea butter to do the job of moisturizing. The other non prominent but good for the skin ingredients present include fucus vesiculosus extract and laminaria digitata extract (seaweed extracts).

Inis, the energy of the sea body lotion

Inis, the energy of the sea body lotion

The body lotion is not very heavy or greasy feeling on the skin so it is perfect for the summer months or if your looking for a fast absorbing body lotion.

Inis, the energy of the sea nourishing hand cream

This is a 20% shea butter hand cream and I absolutely love this! It is nice, creamy and has just the right hint of the fragrance making it an ideal hand cream. No ones likes an over powering scent to their hand cream. The mild classic scent of Inis makes this quite the refreshing hand cream too!

Inis, the energy of the sea nourishing hand cream

Inis, the energy of the sea nourishing hand cream

This is a fast absorbing but deep conditioning hand cream with no greasy after feel like most other hand creams which have a high proportion of shea butter in them. What makes this extra special is of course the light subtle clean scent πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Frangrances of Ireland has several other collections which are all inspired by Ireland so if your in the mood to experience Ireland from the comfort of your home do check out what else they have to offer;Β

Until next time, ciao!!


*PR sample. Opinions expressed here are my own. (no affiliate links)


2 thoughts on “Around the world via beauty products: ‘Fragrances of Ireland’ from Ireland !

  1. This sounds delightful! I love fragrances but, as you said, they have a tendency to fizzle out during the day. I, personally like to use the body washes and lotions along with the perfumes, as long as the fragrance isn’t too strong, of course.

    I think I’m going to try this. Ireland is one of the few places I would love to visit in my lifetime, or the next. πŸ™‚

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