The LORAC PRO 2 Palette

Hey everyone!

I got the Lorac Pro 2 palette a while back and have been playing around with it for 2 months now…aaaand I am finally ready to review it ๐Ÿ™‚ I was on the verge of getting the Pro 1 palette when this was released and when I ย got a chance to compared them both in store I was drawn more to the Pro 2 palette since it contained shades I did not have in my collection. The Pro 1 looked really basic to me and I might get that at some point when I run out of basic shades (I have a feeling the wait will be really long for that to happen!).

The LORAC PRO 2 Palette
The LORAC PRO 2 Palette

This is my first LORAC palette and I have to say I am blown away with the texture of these shadows! I know a lot of people don’t like the soft buttery texture which can crumble and get powdery if you man handle them with your brush, but to me they are perfect! Just make sure you don’t jab your brush into them! As you might be aware, the palette can be divided into the top row of mattes and the bottom row of shimmers/satin finishes. In terms of texture, all of these are excellent in my opinion. The mattes don’t feel chalky and the shimmers have little to no fall out since they don’t contain chunky glitter.

I have heard people complaining about the shadows getting muddy when blending. I personally don’t do many complicated looks (I use 3 shadows max at one time) on a daily basis, so I did not have any issues with blending. In fact , I thought these shadows blended quite seamlessly for daily wear looks!

I know you guys must have seen umpteen swatches of this palette online, one more set of swatches won’t hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do apologize for the not so great swatches though, since lighting has become an issue these days (I rely heavily on sunlight ย and where I am we don’t get much of it right now) !

LORAC PRO 2 Palette swatches 1
LORAC PRO 2 Palette swatches 1

The palette can also be divided into the slightly neutral side and the smokey side. These swatches are just a slight touch of my finger to my arm, and despite that they come through with their color. These shades above are very versatile and can be used for really basic looks. My favorites are the shimmer/satin shades! Rose is a lovely rose champagne color and Mocha is quite the stellar all over lid shade too!

LORAC PRO 2 Palette swatches 2
LORAC PRO 2 Palette swatches 2

Navy was one of the shades that drew me to this palette! It is probably the only blue eye shadow I have which doesn’t apply like black on the lid. Plum is another really pretty matte shade, though it isn’t the best plum shade I own. I really love Chrome! Its a lovely satin taupe shade which would look great on anyone! The only true dud shade for me in this palette was Jade. It ย swatches pretty but on the lid I don’t see any of that pretty green color I see in the pan. I also found charcoal to be a bit on the chalkier side but it is still workable.

The packaging is sleek and storage friendly. However I am not sure if its sturdy enough to be popped into a bag with other random items and taken on the go especially since the shadows themselves are quite delicate.

When this palette came out everyone classified this as a cool toned palette. I however, feel at best this is more of a neutral leaning palette compared to the very warm LORAC PRO 1. I have yellow undertones and this palette was neither warm toned nor cool toned for my coloring (MAC NC 25-30). I am not sure how well some of these shades will perform on really dark skin tones but for the most part I think this palette can be used by a wide range of skin tones.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post if your looking forward to seeing this palette in action! I will be exclusively using this palette to create 4 easy to do looks ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time…ciao!!!

3 thoughts on “The LORAC PRO 2 Palette

    • lillynlilly November 14, 2014 / 5:06 pm

      yup ๐Ÿ™‚ I am really enjoying this is very useful for daily looks!

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