Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair fragrance free lotion

Hello everyone!

Since the last couple of posts on the blog have been makeup related I thought I’d review a body lotion I’ve been testing out for the last 2 months for a change! I was excited to receive a full size of the Vaseline Intensive care advanced repair lotion from Influenster just as winter was rolling in. After using this for 2 months I am not really as thrilled as I was when I first got it 😐

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion

Lets first discuss the good stuff..Its fragrance free! I generally like to use mildly fragranced body products but I know lots of people are sensitive to fragrances in their personal care products so its great to see that this is fragrance free. I hear that this is a reformulated version of their original fragrance free intensive care line which I never tried ( I was bought up in a family that loved Nivea more than anything!)

The lotion claims to be non greasy and it isn’t, BUT it doesn’t sink into your skin either! When you apply this on your skin, it feels powdery smooth and silicony ..and tacky! Basically this stuff just adds a layer to your skin and sits on top and I don’t like body lotions to function that way! In fact, I am almost tempted to try this as a primer for foundation due to the smooth layer it forms on top of the skin!! 😛

I have extremely dry skin..especially in the colder months and this did not do any intensive healing or repairing for sure! It only helped prevent further drying for the time period it formed the layer ( the layer kind of wears off after a few hours). A look at the ingredient list also confirm there is no healing or skin repair ingredients in the lotion.

Ingredient List

Ingredient List

It would have been great to see some Shea butter or Vitamin E in there instead of the very basic age old mix of glycerin, mineral oil and petrolatum! At least then, the repair and intensive care claims stand a chance!

My final grouse with this product is the packaging. Its so difficult to squeeze the product out of the bottle! You need to use both hands and this was the case from day 1 when the bottle was full.

There are so many basic drugstore body lotions which performs equally or better. So its okay if you skip this one, you aren’t missing anything phenomenal!

Until next time..ciao!!


*PR Sample. Opinions expressed here are my own.




4 thoughts on “Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair fragrance free lotion

  1. Actually, Shea butter and petrolatum perform the same function: they are occlusives. And glycerin is a humectant, just like Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, etc. So although petrolatum and glycerin are “age old” items, they do perform exactly the same important functions in a moisturizer that more modern, “buzzworthy” ingredients perform. As a humectant, glycerin attracts water into the surface layers of skin. And the occlusive, petrolatum, forms a light barrier so that the water that’s attracted won’t quickly evaporate away.

    I really hate this new version of Vaseline in the white bottle. Petrolatum used to be the third ingredient on the list, now it’s much further down. I always used this on my face, and even though I’m acne prone it never broke me out and offered such wonderful, frag-free moisturization. Now the formula’s completely changed, they’ve included CEDROL in it as a masking fragrance (it’s the sweetly woody smell that the lotion now has) despite being labeled “unscented,” and now they have mineral oil in it…Oh my word, It’s just a mess. I hate it and hope to sweet God they go back to the old formula.

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