Paul and Joe Cheek Color in Gigi (03)

Hello everyone!

I have an exciting review to share with you today! Those of you who are fashionistas might be aware of the fashion house Paul and Joe. They also have a fantastic beauty brand of the same name. I was a big fan of Paul and Joe cosmetics back when I lived in south east Asia. Their products have the most whimsical packaging and the quality of the stuff I have tried from the brand so far has been awesome. In the US, you can find their products on and also the Paul and Joe US website.

A couple of months back I purchased the Paul and Joe cheek color in the number 03 from and I have been hooked to it! I think there are some 6 shades to choose from and all of them were interesting colors. I picked the shade Gigi (03) which consists of a shimmery light pink and a bright matte almost neon hot pink ๐Ÿ˜€

Paul and Joe cheek color

Paul and Joe cheek color

A good thing about Paul and Joe products is that you can always buy the refill pans for their powder products if you don’t want to pay for the packaging. These pans come enclosed in a nice plastic casing (with their lovely chrysanthemum logo) which holds the product safely and so far I haven’t experienced any issues storing the blush in this plastic case. I purchased the refill pan for 18$. I f you wanted to buy the case it would cost another 10 bucks. At the time of purchase I didn’t find any compact design that I liked but just now I checked and there is this cute cardboard one with kittens on it ..I might just add that to my cart! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Paul and Joe blush in gigi (03)

Paul and Joe blush in gigi (03)

The blush pan looks almost new in the picture even though it has been used quite a lot in the last 5 months! Want to know why?..The blush is very pigmented and hence a little goes a long way for my medium complexion ๐Ÿ™‚ As stated earlier, the pan consists of a very shimmery baby pink highlighter/blush and a matte intense looking pink. The matte pink can be layered really easily so you can go all the way from a sheer wash of color to intense hot pink cheeks! I use the shimmery pink one as blush topper /highlight. You can also swirl your brush in the pan to mix these 2 shades.

swatches of Gigi (03)

ย Swatches of Paul and Joe Gigi (03)

From the swatches you can see that its not as scary as it looks in the pan. Both, the matte and shimmery pink powders are very finely milled and have a silky texture. I am impressed with how effortlessly they blend on the cheeks. These also pack a punch when it comes to staying power. They last a whole work day with no fading… yay to that!! Being a very build able blush, I feel this might work on a range of skin tones. Someone with very fair skin tone can get away with a gentle swipe on the cheeks with a duo fibre brush whereas someone with a tan complexion can work this blush with a more dense fluffy brush.

Overall, I am totally in love with this blush! I might pick up some other shades as well. Have you tried any Paul and Joe beauty products and what do you think of them?

Until next time…ciao!!


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