Smokey and Taupe-y

Hello everyone!!

I recently busted out my Lorac Pro 2 palette after a bit of a hiatus and I’m back in love with it again. It is one of my favorite palettes ! We are talking buttery smooth shadows, lovely colors and awesome pigmentation 🙂 If you want more details about the palette do check out my review of the Lorac Pro 2 palette HERE!

I usually don’t do intense smokey eyes since I have deep set, maybe slightly hooded eyes (?). Intense smokey eyes make me look tired so I always try to tone things done when attempting a smokey eye. The look featured here didn’t make me look like I haven’t slept in weeks and so obviously this deep set eyed girl is liking it! 😉

Smokey and Taupe-y

Smokey and Taupe-y

In the picture it doesn’t look as smokey as it does in person! But trust me its smokey!! 😀

To achieve this look I used 4 shadows from the Lorac Pro 2 palette.

The mix of shadows used

The mix of shadows used

First off, I blended the shade Charcoal into my crease to create some definition. I then used the shade Plum in the crease and blended it with charcoal, also concentrating the shade Plum in the outer V area of the eye.

The star of the show is the shade Chrome which is a lovely satin finish taupe shade! I used this shade all over the lid and did not take it into the crease area. Lastly, I used a tinge of the shimmer shade Beige to highlight the brow bone area.

Hope your all having a great Sunday! Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there!!

Until next time…ciao!!!



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