Copper and dark green eyeshadow

Hello everyone!!

Happy midweek! If you are a regular reader, you might remember my REVIEW of an Anna Sui eyeshadow palette a couple of weeks ago. I have been reaching for this palette quite often these days and today I thought I’d share with you my favorite (and really easy) look using this palette.


Copper and dark green look

Copper and dark green look

Excuse the oily nose because this was taken almost 12 hours after I first applied makeup..but look at the eyeshadow! It’s so vibrant looking even after 12 hours 🙂

The shadows in the palette have no names..I took the copper shade in the palette ( 5th one on the top row) and applied it all over the lid and threw in the dark green shade in the palette (4th in the second row) in the crease. The copper shadow is awesome in terms of pigmentation and wear time as you can see.

I’ve been enjoying this easy eye look for a few days straight now!

What has been your favorite look/ eyeshadow combo this month?

Until next time…ciao!!


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