Eyelook featuring 1 Shadow and 2 bases

Hello everyone!

If you have been a regular visitor to the blog you might recollect the post I wrote on how using different eye shadow bases opens up a whole new world of possibilities with your current stash of eyeshadows 🙂 (HERE)

Today I thought I’d share an eyelook I came up with while playing around with the golden and brown bases I have in my collection. I used a satin finish pink eyeshadow from a Smashbox holiday palette. I first covered the inner 2/3rd of my lid with the metallic gold eyeshadow base and applied the matte brown eyeshadow base on the outer 1/3rd of my lid and also pulled it into the crease a bit. Then all I did was use a nice big brush and apply the pink shadow all over the lid.

1 shadow 2 bases!

1 shadow 2 bases!

As you can see, the satin finish pink shadow was transformed into a metallic light pink in the inner 2/3 of the lid where I had laid down the metallic golden base. The outer corner looks more purple than pink due to the brown matte base. Overall, the final outcome looks like I used 2 different shadows 😛

Have you tried using multiple bases for creating an eyelook? If not..try it out!! Its fun I promise 😀

Hope your having a great week!!

Until next time…ciao!!



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