Calvin Klein (Ck One) Mascara

Hello folks!

It has been a while since I last reviewed a mascara on the blog primarily since I was sticking to my Covergirl lash blast mascaras. I got the Calvin Klein mascara last year from Ulta as a birthday gift and I finally cracked it open a month back.

Ck One mascara in 800 black

Ck One mascara in 800 black

I really like the sleek and simple packaging.The bottom black half of the tube is rubberized so it does have a tendency to pick up dirt much like most of NARS packaging. The USP of this mascara is that it contains 2 types of mascara wands built into 1. If you twist a small section of the cap of the mascara tube, you can scrunch up the rubber bristles. The bristles you see when you first pull out the wand is for lengthening and once you scrunch it by twisting the cap you get bristles that can be used for volumizing the lashes. I have to admit that the idea is quite cool!

I also have to admit that initially I hated this mascara! I found the formula too wet and I primarily used the lengthening brush which gave me spidery lashes (4 to 5 of them!).

The lengthening bristles

The lengthening bristles

Since I usually stick to lengthening mascaras, the first 2 to 3 times I tried this mascara I did not try the volumizing side which proved to be a big mistake 😉 I soon found out that the volumizing bristles not only gave good length and decent volume, they did not clump my lashes..yay!

When scrunched up you get the volumizing bristles!

When scrunched up you get the volumizing bristles!

With just 2 coats of the mascara with the volumizing side I got decent length, volume, definition and curl for my lashes. The mascara lasts a good 8 to 10 hours with no flaking or smudging which is awesome (then again I don’t have very watery eyes..not sure how it will perform if I were to cry!).

I did see a couple of reviews where they noted that the mascara dries up real fast in the tube. Right now I am in my second month of using this guy and so far so good!

The one big negative point for this mascara is that it is tough to take off! I usually use a cleansing oil to take off my makeup followed by a foaming facial cleanser. This mascara starts to flake all over the place when you try to get it off! I am guessing you might land up tugging in your eye area if you were to use makeup removing wipes. It does not say that it is a waterproof one so I am not sure why its so hard to get off (also most water proof ones come off easily when using oil for removal).

Another point to keep in mind if you plan to try this mascara is to not apply more than 2 coats maybe. I found that this mascara weighs down my lashes if I apply more than 2 coats.

The Ck one mascara is priced at 18$ but I am not sure if I want to pay so much when I kinda hate the lengthening bristles and only use the scrunched up volumizing side. I f you can find good use for both the bristles then I’d say it is still worth giving it a try but for me I think I might go back to my drugstore mascaras when I am done with this tube 🙂

Until next time…ciao!!


2 thoughts on “Calvin Klein (Ck One) Mascara

  1. It took me a little getting used to this mascara as well when I got it for my bday last year. But I like the twisted bristles for volume better too. I admit I keep my mascara a way longer than I should as I prefer drier formulas usually. But this mascara has not dried out on me yet.

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