Kiko Milano Double Deco Blush in Kissimmee

Hello everybody!!

In case you haven’t heard of the awesome brand called Kiko let me introduce you to one of Europe’s awesome offerings to the makeup world. Kiko makeup is known for its affordable prices, quality products and their limited edition items have the loveliest packaging for an affordable brand. For a long time I have drooled over some of their limited edition stuff available only in Europe..that was until I found out that they now have a US website where you can order online πŸ™‚ I picked up 3 limited edition items (which I will review through the course of this month; before they sell out!). The blush I am going to talk about today is from their summer collection called Miami Beach Babe, and currently all the items in this collection are 50% off! So go check it out πŸ™‚


Kiko Milano Double Deco Blush in Kissimmee

Kiko Milano Double Deco Blush in 03 Kissimmee

Most of Kiko’s items are priced at slightly above drug store prices. The double deco blushes retail originally for 14$ but with the current slashed prices they are only 6.90 a piece which is a really cool price to pay! The packaging is plastic but the compact is nice and sleek. I am not sure if I like the Barbie pink color though πŸ˜›

Once you open up the compact, you’ll find a nice big mirror which is always nice if your on the go. The blush pan is split in a funny way; 3/4th of the pan is the matte pink blush and the remaining area of the pan is an interesting shimmer shade.

The matte and shades in Kissimmee

The matte and shades in Kissimmee

The way the blushes are in the pan could be problematic if your used to using a big brush for applying blush. I didn’t find the placement too troublesome. The 2 shades are lovely! The matte pink is warm to neutral and hence can be pulled off by a lot of skintones. The shimmer is a peachy brown shade which looks lovely as a blush topper. I haven’t used the shimmer shade on its own since I am always tempted to layer the matte blush with this guy whenever I use this blush πŸ™‚



The blush is described as being a silky and melting duo. The powder is finely milled but I wouldn’t call it silky..but the quality is good none the less. It blends really well and stays put for an entire 8 hour work day which is awesome for the price. So would I recommend this blush? Absolutely!! Especially for the current sale price πŸ˜‰

If you love the packaging and the blush do check it out before they are sold out. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more Kiko Makeup reviews!!

Are you a Kiko makeup lover? What are your recommendations from the brand?

Until next time..ciao!!


9 thoughts on “Kiko Milano Double Deco Blush in Kissimmee

  1. Thank you for the post. I like the shade that becomes by mixing colors but.. When I use blush like this, I get a hole in the middle of the circle of blush, because I mix the colors in the middle. And there is a lot of product on the sides, which is difficult to use.

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