Jane Iredale Lipcolor in Renee

Hello folks!!

Hope you had a great week! It feels good to blog towards the end of a really hectic week at work! Today, I am finally sharing my thoughts on a lipstick which I use so often that I’ve overlooked reviewing it here 🙂 I picked up the Jane Iredale pure moist lipstick in Renee on Hautelook maybe a year back and have used it a ton since adding it to my lipstick drawer. The packaging on mine is the older thicker tube packaging. They have revamped the design to a more sleek tube which you can take a look at on the Jane Iredale website. I hope they haven’t changed the formula because this one is awesome formula wise!

Jane Iredale Lipcolor

Jane Iredale Lipcolor

The shade I picked up is a lovely warm to neutral tone petal pink shade called Renee. This color works fabulously with my yellow undertone skin and I do usually find it challenging to find a petal pink shade that doesn’t lean too cool. The shade is perfect for everyday wear- office appropriate for sure!

Jane Iredale lipstick in the shade Renee

Jane Iredale lipstick in the shade Renee

This is a no fuss product which you can slap it on your lips and go about your daily business. I like the shape of the lipstick bullet since it almost hugs the lips and glides on smoothly. The formula is the right balance of moisture, shine and matte. There isn’t much slip to the product so once it is on your lips it doesn’t glide all over the place, at the same time, it is not a dry formula either. It leaves the right amount of shine on the lips and feels lightweight and comfortable.

Swatch of Jane Iredale lipstick in Renee

Swatch of Jane Iredale lipstick in Renee

The lipstick has a slight vanilla mint scent which is very mild and does not irritate my lips. My lips are usually sensitive to mint scented products and this did not cause any discomfort.  The staying power is average with the product fading a bit with eating and drinking. This does not stain the lips but does not fade away in a patchy fashion as the day goes by. Overall, the formula gets an A+ from me.

I do not remember how much I paid for this lipstick on Hautelook, but on the Jane Iredale website the lipsticks with the new packaging are priced at 25$. That is quite expensive! I am not sure if I will pick up any of the other colors simply because I hate the new packaging! I really like the old packaging which looks quite classy in my opinion. I also like the shape of the bullet in the old version. The newer ones have the standard slanted tip.

Overall, I am now curious to try more Jane Iredale products! This was my first purchase from their line and I really like it. What are your favorite Jane Iredale products?

Until next time, ciao!!


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