Around the World via Beauty Products- Rosense from Turkey!

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are having a great week so far! It has been a really long time since I did one of my Around the world via beauty posts. Today , I am excited to share with you guys my experience using the brand Rosense from Turkey.  I was fortunate to visit this lovely country last summer and of course I had to pick up some local beauty stuff! I did do some online research on which brands to look out for and I saw that everyone recommended picking up rose water by the brand Rosense since it was 100% pure rose water.

Rosense Rose water

Rosense 100% rose water


I have never used rose water on my skin before but I have heard that it is a great natural toner and has anti bacterial properties. I have seen a few brands selling rose water, but most of them have glycerin or preservatives. It was nice to get my hands on something that was just pure distilled rose water.

I use this at night after cleansing my face and before moisturizing. It takes very little to soak a cotton pad and patting it onto my skin has become one of my favorite steps in my skin care routine! It is nice and refreshing and smells divine.

I honestly, can’t tell if it has improved my skin but but I find that my moisturizer sinks in better after this step. I just like how it feels on my skin , generally lifts your mood (must be the smell of roses!) and makes you feel like your in a Spa!

A little online search shows that Rosense has a Canada and UK website and they are available on amazon UK. I  think it is available in Germany too although I didn’t find a country specific website.

It would be awesome if Rosense was more readily available..its a Spa for your face in a nice Pink bottle 😀

Overall, I like this to generally pamper my face and it is quite uplifting after a long day.Have you tried Rose water in your beauty routine? Do let me know your favorite brands of Rose water!

Until next time… ciao!!

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