Kiko Blush Cocoa Shock in Adorable Pink and Peach

Hello everyone!!!

I am a big fan of Kiko products and so far have never been disappointed with the stuff I’ve tried from the brand. On my recent trip to Spain, I went a little crazy with the Kiko purchases 😉 One of the items I picked up was the Blush cocoa shock in the shade Adorable pink and peach. The duo blush comes housed in a lovely chocolate block packaging!

Kiko Blush Cocoa Shock in 03

Once you open up the compact, a faint sweet vanilla scent hits you! I was expecting a chocolate scent given the outer packaging but hey vanilla is fine too. I am usually not a fan of scented makeup products but the vanilla scent is really mild and does not linger on once its on your face.

Kiko Blush Cocoa Shock in Adorable Pink and Peach

You would be surprised to hear that these blushes are baked since they look like the traditional powder blushes. The powder is very fine and super silky to the touch. It has all the feels of a high end luxury blush in my opinion. These powders also apply very beautifully on the skin and are perfect for a fresh face light makeup day. The blush can be worn lightly or build up to the intensity of your choice which makes them quite versatile. They last well on my cheeks and I do not notice any fading at the end of the work day.

swatches of Adorable Pink and Peach

As you can see from the swatches they don’t look completely matte and have a slight sheen to them. Also the pink blush looks more lilac on my yellow undertoned medium skin! It might lean more pink on someone with a pink undertone perhaps!

I have used these shades on their own and also layered on top of each other. I find them to be perfect for the coming Spring/Summer season 🙂

Overall, I think these are fantastic blushes. I think I paid around 10 Euros for this which I found to be quite reasonable for 2 blushes. These powders are soft and so they can kick up some powder if you are rough with the blush brush. Other than that, I can’t find much fault with these!

Have you tried these? What is your favorite Kiko Milano product?

Until next time, ciao!!!



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