LORAC Pro Mascara

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I am currently at my parent’s house having a nice break from my own chaotic home, eating good food, online shopping and lazying about 😀 Now, that is my kind of weekend…especially post baby 😉

I received the LORAC Pro Mascara for free when I purchased something from their site a while back..I think it might be when I bought the LORAC Pro palette 2 (Psst..I’ve fallen out of love with it sadly).

LORAC Pro Mascara

I was quite bummed when I first opened up the tube since the brush was huge and not my style at all. Anyway they say not to completely dismiss a mascara by the shape and size of the wand..so I went ahead anyway and gave it a try.

As expected, the big brush was a problem for me. Maybe its my eye shape..but this humongous brush proved to be an issue when I tried to coat my inner most lashes. Take a look at the brush below:

The mascara wand

It also didn’t help that each time I pull the wand out of the tube, the tip would have a huge blob of the mascara. I pretty much always landed up getting mascara smeared on my lids or the nose or somewhere near my eyes when I used this wand 😦

The messy application aside, the actual mascara formula wasn’t that great either. I think it can be best described as meh! I have used better drugstore mascaras and at the same time the formula on this one wasn’t the most terrible one I have used till date.

I usually look for a combination of length (70%) and volume (30%) when it comes to mascaras. This formula did not wow me in either department. Things were going on okay in the Meh mascara world for a while and then the tube crossed the 1 month mark..things went downhill from there! The drier formula made it impossible for me to apply more than 1 coat…2 coats and I had 3 lashes due to massive clumping 😦

I have to give this mascara some brownie points for not smudging and lasting all day when applied. Also I do have sensitive eyes and these did not make me tear up.

Overall, this mascara was just not my cup of tea and I am glad I got this as a gift with purchase. Have you tried the LORAC Pro mascara? Does it work for you?

Until next time, ciao!!!



Essence Silky Touch Blush in Kissable

Hello everyone! Essence is a really good drugstore brand with great pricing! I have tried their lip products mostly and they are fantastic for the price. After trying out their blush in Heatwave from the Blush up line and loving it (Reviewed HERE) I decided to try something from the Silky Touch range. Long story short- I love this blush too! 🙂

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Kissable

When I initially got on my hands on this blush, I thought it looked really similar to MAC Sunbasque which is a long time favorite of mine. On comparing them side by side I figured they are not dupes. Sunbasque is lighter in the pan and pulls more peachy brown whereas Kissable has a slight hint of berry thrown in. The blush has tiny bits of gold shimmer and the blush overall translates into a beautiful sheen on the cheeks. It gives the perfect sunkissed look if you are very fair. On medium to darker skin tones this will look like a natural flush to the cheeks.


As the name suggests , the powder is very silky to touch since it is finely milled. I am really impressed with the overall quality of the powder. The blush lasts a whole working day for me with no fading. The performance is as good as some of the high end blushes I have tried.

The blush is pigmented and it is not so overly pigmented that application becomes hard. The color can be easily build up or you can wear it toned down too.

Brush Swatch of Kissable

Overall, I love the formula and color of this blush! They have several other shades in the Silky Touch range . Essence has also come out with a new range of blushes called Satin Matte which have received good reviews too. I cant wait to try a blush or 2 from that range next. Have you tried any of the Satin Matte blushes?

Until next time, ciao!!

Sleek Makeup Goodnight Sweetheart Palette

Hello folks!! It has been a while since I blogged …I knew life will never be the same once a baby arrives but no one told me it would be THIS hectic!! 🙂 I have been wanting to talk about the Goodnight Sweetheart eyeshadow palette for ages! It was a limited edition release in late 2016, but is still available on the Sleek website. I fell in love with the shade selection and since I’ve always wanted to try one of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes I decided to bite the bullet and get this one.


The box which houses the palette looks so pretty! Unfortunately the actual palette is their classic sleek black packaging. The packaging is great for storage. This palette is a fall palette but if you’re like me and enjoy burgundy and taupe shades all year round, this one is a winner!! Take a look at the shades below…they are so gorgeous!


The Goodnight Sweetheart Palette

The Palette comes with 12 shadows, out of which there are 2 matte shades. Here is a closer look at the first 6 shadows. The 2 matte shades, Romance and Hold me Tight pair well with the rest of the shadows to pull off simple looks. All the swatches below are with a brush since I find that to be a better representation of how it will perform on the eyes 🙂

IMG_3784 pic monkey_1

IMG_3796 pic monkey_1

Although Seduction looks great in the swatch, I experienced a bit of fall out from this shade. I think its because of the chunkier glitter particles. Velvet Wrap looks gorgeous on the lid.

Here is a closer look at the next set of 6 eye shadows from the palette.

IMG_3785 pic monkey_1

IMG_3792 pic monkey_1

My camera could not capture the true beauty of the shade Lingerie. It is whitish peachy shade with fine golden shimmer. It works well as a good brow bone highlight. Snuggle is a lovely statement shade which is similar to MAC blue brown , again my camera failed to capture its true essence. My least favorite shade is Sleeping Beauty It just does not pull off well on my medium skin tone. I also found it to be slightly chunky with lots of fall out.

The color payoff from these shadows is excellent considering the price! I have found these shadows to last really well throughout the day. I do have dry lids though and always wear a primer with my eyeshadows. Overall, these shadows get an A+ from me 🙂 If these colors speak to you pick up the palette from the Sleek website before they discontinue it. I am not sure if Ulta carries this particular palette since I ordered this off the UK website.

Until next time, ciao!!!