The skincare ingredient must have : Ceramides

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Sorting through all the anti ageing skincare products in the market, I am pretty sure you might have come across the term ceramides at some point. They are often touted as miracle workers for ageing and dehydrated skin. So what exactly are ceramides?

Imagine that the brick and mortar structure you see in the picture below is the outer later of your skin. If the bricks are to be your skin cells, then the ‘glue’ or mortar holding your skin cells together is ceramide.

File:Brick and mortar (5110740610).jpg

Brick and Mortar (image source: wikicommons)

To nerdyify things a bit.. the intercellular spaces between skin cells are occupied by lameller sheets. The major lipid component of these lamellar sheets is ceramides. In addition to ceramides, cholestrol and free fatty acids are also found in the lipid domain. Together, they play an important role in maintaining skin hydration by preventing water loss and holding on to moisture. Unfortunately, as we age our ability to produce ceramides decreases and hence our skin gets dry and dull. Ceramides also play an important role in keeping our skin firm and thus when the production declines with age, our skin starts to sag 😦

An important thing to note is that ceramides refer to a family of molecules, in other words there are many different types of ceramides occurring naturally in our skin. There are 9 different types found naturally in human skin: they are labelled ceramide 1 thru ceramide 9.

So how do we go about choosing the right moisturiser that helps us maintain firm healthy moisturized skin ?

Ideally, for ceramide creams to work optimally to restore skin balance and function , cholestrol and fatty acids should be present along with ceramides . As you may recall, these 3 components together form the majority of the intercellular spaces between the skin cells naturally.

Ceramides found in skin care products are usually synthetic or plant derived. When looking through the ingredient lists, you will  notice that ceramides are often labelled in the following fashion:

Ceramide 1 : Ceramide EOS
Ceramide 2 : Cermamide NS = N-stearoyl sphinganine
Ceramide 3 : Ceramide NP = N-stearoyl phytosphingosine
Ceramide 4 : Ceramide EOH
Ceramide 5 : Ceramide AS
Ceramide 6 : Ceramide AP = α-hydroxy-N-stearoylphytosphingosine
Ceramide 6 II : Caproyl sphingosine
Ceramide 7 : Ceramide AH
Ceramide 8 : Ceramide NH
Ceramide 9 : Ceramide EOP
Ceramide E : Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide and Hexadecanamide

If you are curious to know more about the different ceramide containing moisturizers in the market, I suggest checking out the following website : The author has detailed 6 ceramide containing moisturizers.

Is there proof that ceramide containing moisturizers work?

Now this is where things get a bit complicated. There are so many different types of ceramides and depending on the other ingredients present, the concentrations etc the story can change. Here is a sampling of different studies showing the efficiency of ceramides as a skincare ingredient:

There are of course, more studies outlining the efficiency of ceramides as a skincare ingredient. As I mentioned earlier, this is just a sampling of different types of studies done with ceramides which prove that they can be effective in fighting atopic dermatitis, wrinkles and also hyper pigmentation.

After reviewing quite a few research publications, I personally believe that ceramides can be a beneficial skincare ingredient. Have you tried any ceramide creams? If so what do you think of them?


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Mom’s current beauty favorites! ~ Mother’s day special!

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Happy Mother’s day to all the lovely moms out there! I am currently visiting my parents and thought it would be fun to write about beauty stuff my mom is currently using in her routine.


Mom's Current Beauty Favorites :)
Mom’s Current Beauty Favorites 🙂
  1. Bath and Body Works shower gel and body lotion in Dark Kiss: My mom recently got hooked to these! Dark Kiss has notes of black rasberry and velvet rose. I find the scent similar to brown sugar which is one of my favorites too! It is a heavy scent but smells lovely to use before bedtime.
  2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Iced Amethyst: The Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are some of the best drugstore lipsticks that have been around for a while. The formula is great and the shade range is phenomenal. My mom has several shades in her collection but Iced Amethyst which is a pearl finish is one of her current favorites. I have always stayed away from pearl finishes, since they can sometimes look frosty on the lips but this one looks great! no 80s frost vibe!
  3. Dior Nail varnish in Candy Pink: The formula on this one is a bit of a let down but mom loves this for the color. The color is a fun but neutral work appropriate pink. The varnish does need 2 coats though so it is probably not something she will repurchase.
  4. L’oreal Revitalift Mositurizing cream: My mom generally has great skin! In fact she got into the anti wrinkle cream bandwagon only recently and finds this great for her skin. She did try out a couple of brands, high end and drug store and finds this one the best for her skin. She has dry skin and finds this works well in terms of moisturizing and firming.

Hope you enjoyed this little twist to the regular stuff on the blog!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Until next time…ciao!!