Kiko Milano Unlimited Lip Stylo in Number 17 Tulip Red

Hello folks! I am a big fan of Kiko Makeup products and have reviewed quite a few of their makeup items on my blog. Most of the time I end up buying stuff from their gorgeous limited edition collections. They have great prices (especially on sale) and pretty packaging – enough to get my attention 🙂 So far everything I have tried from the brand have been hits.

I decided to try out the Unlimited lip stylo in number 17 from their permanent line. The lipstick is described as being creamy with a semi matte finish. This also promises high pigment and a long lasting finish. The packaging as you can see is on point! It looks like a gun metal pill and has the color printed on. Now, the color is not 100% accurate but it is quite close. The lipstick also has some weight to it so it feels more expensive than it really is.

Kiko Milano Unlimited Lip stylo in No.17 Tulip Red

The color is best described as a bright red with orange undertones in the tube. Once applied on the lips however, the orange doesn’t come thru so much and it looks like a nice warm red. The lipstick bullet shape is quite nice too and gives  good coverage with a single sweep.

Kiko Unlimited lip stylo in Tulip Red

Everything so far sounds great, but the formula is where I kind of went meh! The lipstick is described as being creamy but I found that this drags a bit over the lips especially if I tried wearing this with no lip balm underneath. It is a bit waxy in texture. I was disappointed since I absolutely love the formula of their matte lipstick from the Rebel Romantic Collection (REVIEWED HERE). The formula on that lipstick is is creamy, matte, pigmented and comfortable.

Swatch of the Kiko Unlimited lip stylo in number 17

They do deliver on the promise of intense pigmentation! The color is quite vivid on the lips and it does stay put on the lips for an entire work day. This particular color does stain my lips a bit so I always have some color on my lips at the end of the day ( in a good way!)

Overall, this isn’t a bad lipstick. The formula is so so. I have tried better products from the brand before, so this is my first average product from Kiko.

What are your favorite Kiko products?

Until next time, ciao!!!



NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to review the NARS Velvet lip pencil for ages. I got this as a gift well over a year ago and it was love at first swipe! The formula is amazing!

NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Bahama

Usually I shy away from matte lip products since I have dry lips and don’t feel like torturing them any further. This one however feels like nothing on the lips and when you press your lips together there is no dry feeling either. I do still use a lip balm before applying this since that is the way I roll with any lip product 🙂

The wear time is pretty decent. I don’t find it as long lasting as many of the other matte lip products but I guess that is the price you have to pay for comfort! The plus side is that it fades away evenly and can survive some light snacking and drinking.

Well used Lip Pencil 🙂

The picture above is the how my lip pencil looks like right now 😉 When it was brand new it had a pointed tip like an actual pencil. Now the main gripe I have with this product is that it needs to be sharpened and when I am in a hurry (which is most days) I have no time to hunt down my sharper and sharpen the pencil. For the price of this lip pencil I feel I should have gotten a twist up with a sharpener attached to the other end of the pencil to maintain the tip! Mine looks so busted right now 😀

The shade Bahama is a Brown nude and pulls a bit darker than my actual lip color. It would be a perfect nude for anyone above an NC30 skintone. Take a look at the swatch below:

NARS Velvet matte lip pencil in Bahama swatched

I am not a huge fan of the packaging of this product. The lid which has that rubberized feel to touch, does not stay put securely unless you carefully place it. Just a pointer to keep in mind if you plan to carry this around in your purse!

Overall I really like the formula and will try out some more shades. Do you have any shade recommendations in this line?

Until next time, ciao!!


Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks

Hey everyone!

So, as many of you guys are aware, the trend this season is matte lips! To be honest I never used to buy any matte lipsticks since I kind of assumed they will all be drying and cakey looking on the lips. However, the last couple of months I have been experimenting more with matte lipsticks and was surprised to find a few that are not drying and look lovely on the lips. Hence having become a recent matte lip convert I just had to try the new Maybelline Color sensational matte lipsticks!

Maybelline color sensational Matte lipsticks
Maybelline color sensational Matte lipsticks

I picked these up in 2 shades; Lust for Blush and Touch of Spice. Both these shades are pink toned and before I get to the details of each shade lets talk about how good the formula is!

I am very impressed with this line..both the lipsticks apply smoothly with no tugging and they are very pigmented! The biggest surprise was how they don’t feel drying on the lips. After applying these lipsticks if you purse your lips together you will notice there is still some tact, in other words the lipstick has some moisture and does not dry down after applying on the lips. These are impressive qualities for a drugstore lipstick!

These do have reasonably good lasting power. I noticed very little, if any transfer to glasses and cutlery when eating and drinking. I would say they can last for 6 to 7 hours with light eating and drinking. Also as the day goes by, I did not notice my lips getting drier from the lipstick which is again good news!

Lust for Blush Swatches
Lust for Blush Swatches

Lust for blush is a cool toned pink shade as you may have noticed from the swatch. I am not a very big fan of this shade mostly since I feel it looks a bit barbie doll like on my skin tone 😛 I may just pass this on to someone whose complexion is better suited for cool toned pinks! I like how pretty it looks swatched on my hand, but not so much on my lips!

touch of spice swatches
touch of spice swatches

I really love touch of spice! It is the perfect my lips but better (and pinker) shade for me. It looks really dark in the tube and also swatched on my arm so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of pink that comes through when worn on the lips.

I think there are some 8 to 9 shades available in this range, most of them leaning towards brighter pinks. Overall, these are very good for the price ($5.50) and I find them to be very comfortable on the lips. The only complaint I have with these is the smell! They do have a synthetic vanilla smell to them which I am not a fan of. However, the smell dies down pretty soon after application so in the end it isn’t that bothersome.

Have you tried these new lipsticks at the drugstore? What shades did you get and what do you think about them?

Until next time …ciao!!

The Burt’s Bees Natural Lipgloss review

Hello everyone!

Happy midweek/hump day! How many of you guys are fans of Burt’s Bees? I for one love most of the stuff I’ve tried from their brand and so I didn’t think twice when I bought this lip gloss from my grocery store a while back. Unfortunately, for the first time I was disappointed with a Burt’s Bees purchase 😦 The lip gloss shade I picked up is called Rosy Dawn which is nice petal pink color with fine shimmer in the tube.

Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in Rosey Dawn
Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Rosy Dawn
  • As you can see, the color is really pretty and thats what made me buy this in the first place. However, when applied on the lips, its pretty sheer and the pinkiness of this gloss barely shows up..I was seeing more of my own lip color with this. So I tried to build up the color and that didn’t go well either! When you build it up you do see more of the color, but your lips will become heavy and goopy and messy!
  • This stuff is sticky! Like crazy! I think this is the stickiest lip gloss I have ever used and I am not a fan of sticky glosses!
  • The lip gloss comes with a sponge tip wand applicator which I am not a fan of..primarily because it barely picks up any product from the tube! When it does pick up some product (after you keep pulling it in and out of the tube for 4 to 5 times) you will find that the thick texture of the gloss prevents an even application on the lips.
the applicator
the applicator
  • So after all that trouble of putting it on your lips, how does it fare as a lip gloss? Well, it does provide some shine to the lips but I am afraid not for too long. I noticed that the shine disappears within 2 hours even if no eating or drinking is involved. Also, as the shine disappears the gloss starts to dry out my lips 😦
  • Another problem with lipgloss is the packaging..something is amiss since the product always oozes out from the sides of the cap after closing the bottle. This makes storage a real pain, since this basically oozes out sticky gloss everywhere !
Swatch of Rosy Dawn
Swatch of Rosy Dawn

Although, I really like the idea of an all natural lip gloss consisting of ingredients like sunflower oil, castor seed oil, beeswax, olive oil etc..the final product just failed in so many aspects for me 😦

Have you tried any of the Burt’s Bees Lip glosses? what do you think of them?

Until next time, ciao!!

Japonesque Pro Performance Lip Lacquer Review

Hey everyone!!

Happy Thursday! If you remember, last week at the end of my review on the Japonesque Blushes (here) I promised to review the other item I had picked up from the Japonesque color cosmetics line..The Pro Performance Lip Lacquer :). Again, like I mentioned in the previous post, the fact that these are available only online at the Ulta website (my local Ulta stores don’t carry them in stores) picking up a shade was a challenge, but I ultimately picked up shade 06 since it looked wearable to me.

Japonesque Lip Lacquer in shade 06
Japonesque Lip Lacquer in shade 06
  • Online, this shade did look a bit lighter to me, but the color you see through on the tube is exactly the color you get on your lips. So if your fortunate enough to have an Ulta nearby that carries these in stores you know for sure that the color you see through the tube is what you get on your lips.
  • I would describe this as a liquid lipstick with a hint of shine but not as much as a gloss. The reason why this reminds me of a liquid lipstick is because of how opaque and intense this color is !! Below is the swatch of a single swipe of the applicator.
Single swipe swatch of shade 06
Single swipe swatch of shade 06
  • I like how this applies on my lips. It has a very smooth creamy consistency and a little goes a long way(key point to keep in mind)!! The pigmentation is so intense that it does stain my lips, though I am not sure if that’s the case with the lighter shades.
  • The shine does wear off after drinking and eating but the color still sticks around on your lips so I would say that it has a reasonable staying power although it wont be looking as fresh as when you first applied it in the morning.
  • This has no funny smells (yay!) and although it looks like a heavy goopy product it feels good on my lips and doesn’t dry them out which is a huge deal for me atleast 🙂
  • and of course I have to talk about the packaging! 😛 the top of the lip lacquer tube has the same enamel kind of  embellishment as the blush packaging.
Pretty packaging!
Pretty packaging!
  • Although I love how insanely pigmented this is ..I find it hard to use on a regular basis! Its too intense for my co workers to handle!! 😀 I found the key to making this more everyday wearable is to use a lip brush and take a teeny tiny amount and apply it on the lips. This also helps give you better precision with the application since the brush like applicator that comes with the tube picks up too much product and hence the chances of getting a goopy heavy lip is higher!
  • Also, the lip lacquer when applied in its full glory does transfer to everything your lips touch! Using a lip brush to apply just the right amount helps reduce that greatly too.
The brush applicator
The brush applicator

Overall, I like this product but I don’t love it as much as I love their blushes! There are a total of 8 shades to chose from, out of which at least 3 shades (including the one I picked up) look really intense! Since I found a way to tone down the intensity of this color I am happy since its not money wasted. I did like the look on my dad’s face when he came to pick me up from the airport and I had slathered this in its full glory on my lips 😀 So yes, it can be used with a heavy hand when you want to have some fun 😉

Until next time ..ciao!!

Covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss balms

Hey everyone!

I know I am late to the lip  jumbo/chubby sticks party at the drugstore 🙂 I am a fan of the Clinique chubby stick ones which I unfortunately left behind or misplaced when I moved half way across the world last year ! I think a couple of weeks back I discussed the Covergirl lip perfection lipsticks (here) and how when I picked those up I had picked these jumbo gloss balms too. If you’ve read that post on my blog , you’ll know that those lipsticks didn’t win any gold stars from me and unfortunately neither do these 😦

Covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss balm in mocha twist and plum twist
Covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss balm in mocha twist (265) and plum twist (260)

The 2 colors I picked up were the mocha twist which is a brownish nude color and plum twist which looks like a dark mauve purple in the tube. The annoying thing is that these color names are not printed onto the product and are listed only in the outer plastic wrapper, so once you open the seal you just have numbers for mocha twist is shade no.265 and plum twist is shade no.260.

Mocha twist
Mocha twist

Another interesting thing I should mention 🙂 I find the formula for the 2 shades slightly different! I generally like the feel of mocha twist on my lips than plum…anything good that I write about these jumbo gloss balms are solely based on my experience with mocha twist 🙂 As you can see from the pictures, I’ve used Mocha twist much more than Plum twist!

Plum twist
Plum twist
  • One of the things I like about these is the packaging. It is easy to carry this around in your purse (you will definitely need to, if you plan on using this as your lip product of the day). The packaging is very much like the Clinique chubby sticks, with a twist mechanism at the bottom to push out the product from the top.
  • The mocha twist shade is a neutral nude shade which has just the right amount of shine which I like. You can see from the picture that there are fine shimmer particles in the balm. However, I don’t get the same amount of shine from the plum twist.
  • They are advertised as being lip balms and although they are not very moisturizing, I do find that mocha twist does a fairly good job of not drying out my lips. Its the opposite with plum twist for me! I find plum twist very drying on my lips!
Swatches: Mocha twist on top and Plum twist on the bottom
Swatches: Mocha twist on top and Plum twist on the bottom
  • The swatches above are after I’ve swiped these balms 6 times..and yes they still look quite sheer..which is okay since they are advertised as being sheer. But what I don’t like is that the plum twist comes off looking really patchy on the lips with the color settling into fine lines. The patchiness gets worse with each swipe so it comes off looking like a bad lipstick.. a single swipe on the other hand hardly shows up! so in other words I find Plum twist totally useless although its one of the darkest shades in the line ! Mocha twist is a nude shade and that is probably why it doesn’t come off looking patchy.
  • Mocha twist glides on quite effortlessly and as I mentioned before is decent with the moisturizing aspects. With plum twist I find that its a bit more dry in texture and so sometimes it does feel like I am rubbing a crayon across my lips 😦
  • These jumbo balms wear off quite fast, so if like me you don’t like to keep touching up your makeup throughout the day, they are not for you!
  • These are quite pricey (8$) for what you get! They have poor staying power, patchy color payoff, not particularly moisturizing (drying in the case of plum twist) so I don’t see myself picking up anything more from this line 😦

Maybe I got a dud plum twist..I dunno..or maybe I have the worst dry lips in the world 😀 . Let me know if you’ve tried these and it worked for you!

Until next time, ciao!!

The Balm Girls Foxxy Pout…now thats a pretty pout :)

Hey there!

I should have maybe done this as my first post in honor of the fact I was a lippy lover since age 3 🙂 There was a time when I used to sneak into my parents bedroom whenever I felt like it and dab on a bit of moms lipstick..I have broken quite a few of them in my mad dash to smear it on and run away before anyone noticed me rummaging thru my moms stuff (so much for trying to do things undetected huh?). The very first cosmetic product I purchased on my own was also a lipstick and I guess thats true for a lot of women and girls !

Before I actually get into reviewing our lipstick in hand today..I have one more confession to make..I love pretty packaging (who doesnt!) and many a times it REALLY REALLY messes with my head when I am trying to decide if I want to buy something or not..basically I am every cosmetic company marketing teams dream customer 😛

These 2 titbits of info I gave you about myself is really relavant to this post..since I will be reviewing The Balm’s ‘The Balm Girls’ lipstick in the shade Foxxy Pout. Now if your familiar with The Balm cosmetics, and you have the pretty package syndrome know what I am talking about 😉

The good stuff…

  • You guessed it! …The packaging…Its so pretty..and fun…I usually dont keep the outer packaging of makeup products for too long but this one was too cute to throw away so I still have it although I’ve owned this lipstick for a while now. The lipstick itself is in a nice shiny tube reminiscent of a bullet casing which is not bulky and easy to ferry around in a bag. Take a look at this picture below for further proof 🙂

The Packaging!


  • I love the color of foxxy pout..actually I have a love hate relationship with it..somehow I feel this color looks nicer when I wear it for a night out rather than during the day. The soft yellow indoor lights make this color look so much nicer on my lips than sunlight for some reason! It could be because the shade is a nice mix of coppery, pinky bronzy tones..very warm toned in general and therefore looks glowy and cozy under yellow lights.


  • The pigmentation is top swipe and I have the color on in full glory. As you may have noted from the picture above and below there is some glitter ..ok not some..lots of glitter bits  in this lipstick. The good news is its quite fine and doesnt give you that gritty feeling on your lips.


The not so good stuff…

  • I have to admit I dont like the texture so much. Its light weight on the lips which is a good thing but I like to get that feeling of something moisturizing my lips..this just felt so dry going on my lips. It doesnt have that rich creamy texture I’ve come to associate with some of really nice lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. But I dont mind wearing this lipstick after slathering on a good amount of lip balm which brings me to my next point..
  • When I wore this lipstick without priming my lips real good with a chapstick, I found that after an hour or 2 my lips became dry and felt uncomfortable and the product settled into the fine lines on my lips.
  • This lipstick has a minty smell and it has that icy cooling menthol feel for a  minute or so  when you apply the lipstick. Some people may actually like it but to me it felt like something stinging my lips. The good thing is that the smell and that feeling goes away pretty quickly.yay!

The claims…Do they work?

So here is what I pulled up from  The Balm website 

‘These double agents provide your pucker with amazing pigment and rich conditioners. TheBalm Girls’ sleek packaging can infiltrate even the smallest evening bag to give your lips all the secret service they need!’

The Ingredient List
  • Claim 1 is that these balm girls have amazing pigment. I have to agree that this is true after using this lipstick for a while now. A look at the ingredient list also available at their website, will show you the super stars responsible for this. Iron oxides, found in most lipstick formulations are synthesized in labs and is responsible for the red color. The addition of other pigments like red 7 lake,yellow 5 lake, blue 1 lake carmine etc helps to create different shades. In the case of foxxy pout I suspect there is a high proportion of mica due to the highly shiny nature of the product. The ingredient list is also available at their website incase you do find it hard to read from my rather terrible photo of the box!


  • Claim 2 : Rich conditioners. Now this may seem strange considering I just ranted about how this product doesnt feel moisturizing on my lips but a look at the ingredients shows a list of skin conditioning and mositurizing components. The first 3 ingredients listed; pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, hydrogenated polyisobutene and  isostearyl isostearate are synthetic skin conditioning agents. Additionally we have a list of naturally derived oils like jojoba seed oil, olive oil, soybean oils listed as well. So why didn’t my lips like this so much from a mositurizing perspective? Well I think it could be the fragrance in the product which might be alcohol derived and therefore dried out my lips. The peppermint oil listed in the ingredients, something my lips didnt like, can also dry out the lips and can be an irritant (International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biosciences).

I really wanted to love this lipstick considering how much I like the other products I tried from The Balm. I like this lipstick for its rather unique color and putting on a lip balm prior to swiping it on my lips partly solves the lip drying issue. Looking at things from a price perspective (USD 17) I would have expected a little bit more mositurising love from this lippy. Overall, I dont see myself buying this again but I will definately try their other lip formulations soon!