Pink Lipstick loves : Summer 2018 edit

Hello folks! I have been obsessed with colorful eye looks for the past month or so. This called for more toned down lipstick shades which were either close to my lip color or slightly muted in tone. I have been constantly reaching for four lipsticks from my collection a bit more than the others lately!

Pink Lipstick central!

The Maybelline mattes have an awesome formula for a drug store lipstick! They are really comfortable on the lips and glide on real smooth. I use 2 shades from the line; Touch of Spice and Lust for Blush. Touch of Spice is my favorite of the 2. I can put this on with any eye look, or for any occasion. It is my favorite my lips but better shade! Lust for Blush can look a bit weird on my skin tone especially with a tan. But I like to use this in conjunction with more brown based lipsticks or brown based glosses. The balance of white, pink and brown pigments then get balanced πŸ™‚

Similar to Lust for Blush is the Urban Decay Comfort matte in Backtalk. The color is a bit more mauve and has more of a white base compared to Lust for Blush. I feel they are very close dupes though! I like to use this mixed with other always gives surprising results!!

Last but not the least, I love my Milani lipstick in Plumrose. This is an old love of mine that remained hidden for a while and I am so glad to have this back on my daily makeup stand. The shade is is a true deep rosey pink that will suit a wide range of skintones. The only thing I don’t like about this guy is the watermelon scent.

What are your favorite lipsticks this summer?

Until next time, ciao!!!

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks

Hey everyone!

So, as many of you guys are aware, the trend this season is matte lips! To be honest I never used to buy any matte lipsticks since I kind of assumed they will all be drying and cakey looking on the lips. However, the last couple of months I have been experimenting more with matte lipsticks and was surprised to find a few that are not drying and look lovely on the lips. Hence having become a recent matte lip convert I just had to try the new Maybelline Color sensational matte lipsticks!

Maybelline color sensational Matte lipsticks
Maybelline color sensational Matte lipsticks

I picked these up in 2 shades; Lust for Blush and Touch of Spice. Both these shades are pink toned and before I get to the details of each shade lets talk about how good the formula is!

I am very impressed with this line..both the lipsticks apply smoothly with no tugging and they are very pigmented! The biggest surprise was how they don’t feel drying on the lips. After applying these lipsticks if you purse your lips together you will notice there is still some tact, in other words the lipstick has some moisture and does not dry down after applying on the lips. These are impressive qualities for a drugstore lipstick!

These do have reasonably good lasting power. I noticed very little, if any transfer to glasses and cutlery when eating and drinking. I would say they can last for 6 to 7 hours with light eating and drinking. Also as the day goes by, I did not notice my lips getting drier from the lipstick which is again good news!

Lust for Blush Swatches
Lust for Blush Swatches

Lust for blush is a cool toned pink shade as you may have noticed from the swatch. I am not a very big fan of this shade mostly since I feel it looks a bit barbie doll like on my skin tone πŸ˜› I may just pass this on to someone whose complexion is better suited for cool toned pinks! I like how pretty it looks swatched on my hand, but not so much on my lips!

touch of spice swatches
touch of spice swatches

I really love touch of spice! It is the perfect my lips but better (and pinker) shade for me. It looks really dark in the tube and also swatched on my arm so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of pink that comes through when worn on the lips.

I think there are some 8 to 9 shades available in this range, most of them leaning towards brighter pinks. Overall, these are very good for the price ($5.50) and I find them to be very comfortable on the lips. The only complaint I have with these is the smell! They do have a synthetic vanilla smell to them which I am not a fan of. However, the smell dies down pretty soon after application so in the end it isn’t that bothersome.

Have you tried these new lipsticks at the drugstore? What shades did you get and what do you think about them?

Until next time …ciao!!

Maybelline Fit me shine free foundation

Hola everyone!!

So late last year sometime during the cold winter months, I was browsing through the beauty aisles of Target and this little stick foundation caught my eye. I haven’t used a stick foundation product in ages, the last time I tried one was for attending some event and I think that foundation stick belonged to my mom πŸ™‚ Β I was all excited to try it out, but once I bought it home and read about it online I found out that this is for oily skin folks (I have dry skin)oops! But I still thought I will give it a try because in case it worked, it would be a very easy product to travel with!

Maybelline Fit me foundation
Maybelline Fit me foundation

When I tried it in the winter when my skin was drier than usual I hated it! So if you have really really dry skin, stay away from this! I decided to give this foundation a try this summer since I have slightly less dry skin issues and the humidity levels are quite high as well during this time. The stick consists of 2 parts; an inner core which is supposed to be an anti shine core which helps keep oiliness at bay and the the outer foundation part as seen in the picture below.

Stick foundation with inner anti shine core
Stick foundation with inner anti shine core
  • First off, I found picking the right shade a big challenge! It was extremely hard to pick a shade when the stick had 2 portions each a different shade. I picked up the shade 235 which is not the right shade for me but I can still make it work as long as its a light to medium coverage look. The shade 235 has slight pink undertones but also has a slight neutral undertone which is probably why I am able to make it work to some extent.
  • When I swatch the foundation it feels creamy, but on the face its an entirely different story. It goes on smoothly, but is extremely difficult to spread on the skin. They recommend using your fingertips to apply this but like I said it was very difficult to spread it evenly.
  • The foundation sets to a powdery finish which I don’t particularly enjoy. However, I do notice that it look less powdery within 10 to 15 minutes post application. Whatever your skin type, make sure you moisturize well before applying this because this product will cling to all your dry patches!
  • Now this foundation claims to keep you shine free but sadly I didn’t see that happen. Although, I have dry skin I do get oily around my T zone in the summer months and with this foundation that happened just 4 hours after application. Hence, I am wondering if this foundation will actually help oily skin folks!

Now, the only good thing I can think of for this product is the fact it is easy to carry around Β and its budget friendly if it works for you! This might work out for someone with normal skin and no oily T zone. Have any of you guys tried this out? If so what do you think?

Until next time..ciao!!