Pink Lipstick loves : Summer 2018 edit

Hello folks! I have been obsessed with colorful eye looks for the past month or so. This called for more toned down lipstick shades which were either close to my lip color or slightly muted in tone. I have been constantly reaching for four lipsticks from my collection a bit more than the others lately!

Pink Lipstick central!

The Maybelline mattes have an awesome formula for a drug store lipstick! They are really comfortable on the lips and glide on real smooth. I use 2 shades from the line; Touch of Spice and Lust for Blush. Touch of Spice is my favorite of the 2. I can put this on with any eye look, or for any occasion. It is my favorite my lips but better shade! Lust for Blush can look a bit weird on my skin tone especially with a tan. But I like to use this in conjunction with more brown based lipsticks or brown based glosses. The balance of white, pink and brown pigments then get balanced πŸ™‚

Similar to Lust for Blush is the Urban Decay Comfort matte in Backtalk. The color is a bit more mauve and has more of a white base compared to Lust for Blush. I feel they are very close dupes though! I like to use this mixed with other always gives surprising results!!

Last but not the least, I love my Milani lipstick in Plumrose. This is an old love of mine that remained hidden for a while and I am so glad to have this back on my daily makeup stand. The shade is is a true deep rosey pink that will suit a wide range of skintones. The only thing I don’t like about this guy is the watermelon scent.

What are your favorite lipsticks this summer?

Until next time, ciao!!!

Spring time Blush Picks! 2016

Hello folks..hope everyone is enjoying the early days of spring! I am a blush lover and have way too many of them in my collection. My favorite bit of putting on some makeup is choosing blush. I usually wear whatever blush I feel like irrespective of the season but this year I thought I’d pick up 5 blushes to use in the first month of spring. In today’s post I share with you my 5 picks!

Spring blush picks!
Spring blush picks!

The Kiko Milano Rebel Bouncy Blush is a limited edition product from Kiko but it is still available on their website as of today in case your interested! The shade red passion wine is a deep pink with mauve undertones and is not the usual spring time appropriate color..but I am a bit of rebel when it comes to things like that πŸ˜‰ It has a very interesting cream to powder finish on the skin and works well for light makeup days.

The Laura Geller Blush n Brighten in Pink ButtercreamΒ is one of my all time favorite blushes! It is a baked blush with swirls of light pink,apricot and a tinge of violet. The texture and staying power of this blush is fantastic. The blush leaves a lovely pink sheen on your cheeks.

Shades of pink and peach!
Shades of pink and peach!

The Japonesque Velvet Touch blush in 03Β is pretty much the timid sister of NARS Orgasm blush. This shade is a lovely pink with fine gold shimmer particles which do not look translate into a glitter party on your cheeks. The packaging is stellar and this shade will suit fair to medium skintones beautifully.

The Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso is quite famous on social media. I did not quite get the hype about this blush till I actually used it πŸ™‚ It is one of the best peachy blushes I own. The quality is top notch and the shimmer in this blush is barely detectable. It leaves your cheeks looking warm and healthy!

The Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Pink is another fabulous blush from the drugstore. It is not very pigmented and therefore you can go crazy with your blush brush in the pan πŸ˜€ and I kind of like that about this blush! It leaves a lovely light pink sheen on the cheeks. This is my go to blush when I am in a hurry since I don’t have to worry about applying it carefully and also since the pink color is kind of neutral and goes with any look.

Hope you enjoyed going through my list! What are your favorite blushes for spring?

Until next time..ciao!!

The Milani multi tasker face powder

Hello everyone!!

During winter for the most part, I can get away with wearing a foundation with no setting powder due to my skin being naturally so dry that there is barely any oil production happening even in the T zone area. In the summer and in humid weather its a different story! πŸ™‚

I picked up the Milani multi tasker face powder a couple of months ago and so far I am really loving it. This powder has a very affordable price tag (6 to 8$) and comes in quite a number of shades. I picked up the shade 03 medium which is working great for my fair to medium yellow undertone skin.

Milani Multi tasker Face pwoder
Milani Multi tasker Face Powder

It is called a multi tasker face powder since it claims to be a setting, finishing and blotting powder. If I remember correctly, a finishing powder is usually applied after a setting powder (used to set your liquid or cream foundation) for a sort of air brush effect so with Β the Milani powder your pretty much getting both those steps done with one powder.

I like to use this as a setting powder and I think it works great! It doesn’t make you look powdery or caked but at the same time it does help your foundation last longer. I mostly dust this all over my face when using a luminous finish foundation in the summer or just on the T zone when using satin/natural finish foundations. I haven’t used it as a blotting powder simply because I rarely touch up my makeup once I leave my house.

The powder is really silky to touch and is finely milled. For the price tag the quality is fantastic!

Milani multi tasker powder in medium
Milani multi tasker powder in medium

I love the pattern imprinted on the powder! However as you can see in the picture it does start to fade away with use. I am not a big fan of the packaging because it is a bit bulky with a compartment at the bottom of the compact housing a mirror and a sponge.

A word of caution to all those who are allergic to Talc! The very first ingredient of this powder is Talc so if you get bad reactions to Talc products this may not be your cup of tea 😦 The product also has a faint smell which is barely detectable and so I don’t mind. It smells like a mix of grandma and baby powder! πŸ˜€

Overall, this is a great product and if your looking for an affordable setting powder do check this out!!

Until next time…ciao!!

The Milani color statement lipstick in Plumrose

Hello folks!!

Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite drugstore lipstick formulas! The Milani color statement lipsticks are priced between 6 to 7 $ and for that price point it is an awesome product πŸ™‚

Milani color statement lipstick in Plumrose
Milani color statement lipstick in Plumrose

As I was saying the formula of these lipsticks is fantastic! It is creamy but not overly shiny. I also like that it does not drag on your lips during application nor does it dry your lips out as the day goes by.

The shade Plumrose is really beautiful! It is a pink shade with a brown undertone. I have seen this lipstick shade look different on different people but overall it looks great on almost everyone! I find it the perfect pink shade for everyday use since it is a understated pink on the lips πŸ™‚

Milani Plumrose swatch
Milani Plumrose swatch

The wear time isn’t super long as you might expect from a matte formula but these do great for being a creamy finish. They do last a good 4 to 5 hours with light eating and drinking and might need to be reapplied after a major meal. This is not a transfer proof lipstick either, they easily leave marks on your cups and Tissue papers πŸ™‚ but then again its a creamy finish and so I ain’t complaining!

Milani Plumrose swatched on the lips
Milani Plumrose swatched on the lips

For the price, I find the packaging good too! It is a plain gold tube which snaps shut so you don’t have to worry about it messing up your purse when you take it along.

The only con about this lipstick is the smell. It smells like watermelon (the synthetic kind) and it hits you the moment you open the tube of lipstick. I find that the scent disappears once you apply the lipstick on your lips and so it is still bearable.Thankfully the newly released matte versions of the color statement lipsticks don’t have this smell (Yay! They listened to their customers since many people hated the watermelon scent).

Overall, Milani is a fantastic drugstore brand and I love the formula of the color statement line and the shade Plumrose is too pretty to pass up πŸ™‚

Until next time …ciao!!!


Milani Brilliant Shine Lipgloss

Hello everyone!

So the month of December was great not just to grab some high end stuff but drugstore as well! I was lucky to find some great things I’ve been wanting to try for a while heavily discounted at my local CVS. I am not much of a lipgloss person so I usually do not gravitate towards them. I love the brand Milani and almost everything I have tried from them have been great so when I saw their brilliant shine gloss at a discount I thought why not try it out. The color selection for these glosses is impressive! I picked up only one and that was in the shade Ravish Raspberry 06.

Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss
Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss

First off..I love love this color! πŸ™‚ Its a nice muted fuchsia pink. The gloss is not full on opaque on the lips but instead gives a very nice translucent color which is high shine like the name suggests! The texture of the gloss is great too..its thick but not goopy. On the lips it does have a slight tact but I would not call this gloss sticky. It feels really comfortable on the lips and is not drying at all. Overall, i think they have nailed it formula and finish wise πŸ˜€

I f you smell the gloss in the tube it does have a faint vanilla scent which is not overpowering and which is barely detected once you apply it on your lips. I am not very fond of the paddle brush type applicator that comes with this gloss. I feel it picks up too much product so you might have to watch out for that and wipe off some excess product from it before applying it on your lips.

The paddle type applicator
The paddle type applicator

Overall I really this gloss..the formula, the feeling on the lips, the finish , the color..and if your wondering how this shade swatches here you go πŸ˜‰

Ravish Raspberry Swatch!
Ravish Raspberry Swatch!

If you’ve fallen in love with this shade as much I have..then I ‘d say go for it! The other shades in this collection are great too..I might be picking some up the next time I come across a Milani display (hopefully they don’t plan on discontinuing these..they are quite fabulous!).

Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time..ciao!!

The Milani baked blush addiction :)

Hey everyone!!

All of you guys based in the US must be getting all ready to spend the 3 day weekend with friends and family! It has been a crazy week so far and I cant wait to unwind in the next couple of dogs and beer all the way πŸ˜€ you guys know that I have lately been addicted to the blushes from Milani? I know ..I am so late to the party!! I got my first Milani blush way back in January and I didn’t really use it much until 2 months back and since then I got 2 more and very soon I will grab the matte blushes too even though I know I don’t need any more blushes!! πŸ™‚

Milani baked blushes!
Milani baked blushes!

Okay I am sure you either own one of these blushes or have come across reviews on them in other blogs and vlogs, so I wasn’t sure if I should talk about these on my blog.. then I thought what the heck…this blog is after all about sharing my opinion on stuff that I love and don’t love here goes!

So the very first blush that I got from Milani’s baked blush line is Fantastico Mauve in January. It has been discontinued but you can still find it on amazon and ebay if you really want to get your hands on them. Even though it is no longer available in stores, I decided to talk about this really pretty mauve / berry shade because it has now become a favorite of mine out of the 3 shades I own! As you can see from the picture below it looks purple in the pan and that was the reason I gravitated towards it! It however does not apply purple on the cheeks, instead it gives the cheek a really nice berry toned flush. I am guessing this looks really pretty on darker skin tones! for my medium tone skin, I have to use a stippling brush to make sure I don’t look like a clown and even with a stippling brush..less is more!

Fantastico  mauve
Fantastico mauve

Shade number 2 in my collection is called Luminoso. I have seen plenty of bloggers report that this is a dupe for many high end brand blushes. To me dupe or not I love it for what it is πŸ™‚ It is a really nice peachy color which has a sheen to it. Out of the 3 blushes I have from the line, I find this to contain the least amount of glitter. This probably works best as a highlighter for darker skin tones but will definitely work as a perfect peachy blush for light to medium skin tones.


Lastly,lets talk about Rose d’Oro shall we πŸ™‚ If your looking for the perfect summer time blush from the drugstore I’d say go for this one! It really is a lovely rose gold shade just as the name implies and imparts a sun kissed glow to the cheeks. This does have a considerable amount of glitter and I feel the key to making this look great on the skin is to blend it really well..the glitter will become less apparent then!

Rose d'Oro
Rose d’Oro
  • If you havn’t heard or noticed it already..these guys look very much like MAC Mineralised Skin Finishes. I have to say that they not only look like their MAC cousins..they also perform just as well in terms of color payoff, lasting power and quality. These are made in Italy and I think the MAC ones are made there too..I also find these to be similar to Laura Geller baked blushes in terms of quality.
  • The price tag is awesome πŸ™‚ they are under 10 $ and so if your in the mood to try some blushes and your on a budget these are pretty wallet friendly.
  • As I said before, a little goes a long way with these blushes since they are really pigmented. So I don’t see myself hitting pan on these any time in the near future! So for under 10 bucks your getting a product that will last you a loooong time.
  • As you can see from the swatches below they have quite a bit of shimmer to them. The key to using these is to use less and blend like a mad woman..and they do blend really well so its not really a struggle!
Swatches from left to right: Fantastico Mauve, Luminoso and Rose d'Oro
Swatches from left to right: Fantastico Mauve, Luminoso and Rose d’Oro
  • The only thing I am not a fan of is the packaging. I find it a bit bulky. The blush comes with a base compartment where they have mirror and brush..which is nice but I rather they do away with that additional compartment and make a slimmer packaging!
  • These blushes are not for the matte blush lovers. They did release 2 new matte blushes to the collection recently and I think I need to get my hands on them soon πŸ˜€

Hope you guys had a great week! and happy 4th of July to the folks in the US!!!

Until next time …ciao!!

The Milani Shadow Eyez in Golden Bronze

Hello everybody!!

I have been busy with a whole lot of things happening and I really enjoy writing posts for my blog. I find it relaxing and just realized I have now got 70 followers! That is very exciting news for me since I never imagined that would happen when I started blogging some 3 months back πŸ˜€ So a big thank you to everyone who follows my blog..I really appreciate it and thanks for joining me in my journey uncovering the good, the bad and the ugly in the makeup world!!

I am very excited to write about the Milani Shadow eyez pencil or chubby stick or what ever you want to call it πŸ™‚ I am so glad I picked this up on a recent visit to CVS. It is such a pretty eyeshadow color!

The Milani Shadow Eyez
The Milani Shadow Eyez
  • I picked this up some 3 weeks ago and have been using it on and off since I got it. So the Shadow Eyez are like eyeshadow sticks/eyeliners. The texture is phenomenal for a drugstore is creamy and glides on really smoothly and the pigmentation is off the charts!! need I say more to get you to your nearest CVS? πŸ˜€
  • The shade I picked up is called golden bronze and it comes off looking more golden than bronze but the shade is a real stunner!
Golden Bronze
Golden Bronze
  • I have mostly used this as an eyeshadow and I am really impressed. It does not crease on me even when I am not wearing a primer. They claim to give you 12 hours of wear without creasing or smudging and I find that to be true! I rarely wear makeup for longer than 12 hours at a stretch but I feel this can maybe last longer than 12 hours with a primer!
  • The shade as such is stunning and stands out when you wear it since it has a metallic sheen to it. There are no big chucks of glitter, the finish is metallic or metal foil like on the eyelids.
  • I find this an ideal travel companion! Especially if your off to some place this summer πŸ˜€ You can easily use this for an intense 1 eye shadow look or use it to add some summer glam to your neutral eye look.
  • I also like the fact that its easy to not only apply, but also to remove at the end of the day. I do use an oil based makeup remover to do the job.
  • The only negative I can think is the fact that it is like a traditional pencil and not the twist up kinds that do not require sharpening. So if you do not already own a sharpener for a jumbo pencil you might have to get that as well when you purchase this.

If you are based in the US and have a CVS near you do try get your hands on it soon. I managed to get mine for 50% off the original price so I paid somewhere between 4 to 5 $ for this and that is a neat price tag !

Hope your having a great week…until next time ciao!!!