Lucy B’s Beauty: Brand Review

Hello everyone!

If you did not get a chance to catch up on my previous post HERE, do check it out! I had the opportunity to interview the co founder and CEO of Lucy B’s Beauty! Today I want to share with you some of the lovely products the brand has to offer. Let’s talk about my favorite product first, the Hydra Bloom Rose Bath and Body oil!

Lucy B’s Hydra Bloom Rose Bath and Body oil

This is what I’d call Spring in a bottle! It was really nice to receive this in the mail a day before a snowstorm hit us. It reminded me of spring which is my favorite time of the year. Not only does this look beautiful on your bath room counter this guy provides some serious moisture to the skin.

This oil can be used in a variety of ways, a face oil, adding a few drops to your bath water or using it right after your bath. I personally like to use this when I step out of the shower and just rub it on my damp skin. The result is supple hydrated skin!

The oil is a bend of Argan oil, Sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E, Rose Geranium Essential oil, Organic Rose buds and Lucy B’s signature Australian Flower essences (Boab, Five Corners, Dog Rose, Sturt Desert Rose and Southern Cross). The ingredients sound great don’t they?!

The smell of the rose body oil is not strong, in fact it is extremely subtle that even someone who generally doesn’t like rose scented products (I’m looking at you mom..if you’re reading this :D) can use this. In case you don’t like anything with rose in it they do offer a lavender bath and body oil too!

The other product Lucy kindly sent me, is a lip gloss from their Apothecary collection. I always have a lip gloss hanging around in my bag (or diaper bag these days!) especially during the colder months. I always like to use a lip gloss to provide some instant hydration when on the go and this one does the job nicely.

Lucy B’s tinted lip gloss in Cocoa berry

The gloss also has a nice vanilla scent to it. It is a bit sticky but in the winter months I do not mind it so much. I really like the shade cocoa berry. They offer their tinted glosses in 3 other shades in addition to this. Do check out their websiteΒ .

Cocoa berry swatched

Overall, I really enjoyed both the products I received from Lucy B’s Beauty. The Hydra Bloom Rose oil makes an amazing gift and the gloss is a nice staple for on the go touch ups. I am looking forward to trying out Lucy B’s shimmer oils once it’s summer!

Have you tried anything from Lucy B’s Beauty? If not what would you like to try?

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Baylis and Harding Rose and Honeysuckle Luxury Hand Lotion

Hello folks!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back I got a chance to try out new beauty brands during my visit home. I found the Baylis and Harding Luxury Hand lotion in my mom’s cabinet. I have not heard of the brand before but a little online research and from the bottle, I understand that the brand is British.

Baylis and Harding Rose and Honeysuckle Luxury hand lotion
Baylis and Harding Rose and Honeysuckle Luxury hand lotion

I like the packaging and you do get a whooping 500ml of hand lotion. The lotion smells like real roses, no chemical or synthetic smells. However, the smell does not last. The smell hits you just after dispensing the lotion onto your hand, but once you rub it in, the smell is pretty much gone. I like scented body and hand lotions not just for the moisturization but also for the scent so I was a bit bummed that this did not make my hands smell of roses for a while after application.

The second issue I had with this lotion is the thin milk like consistency of the lotion. You have to be careful when you pump, since you can dispense too much and have it dripping from your hands. Initially, I could not wrap my head around the fact that a luxury hand lotion can be so thin in consistency but I do have to give it credit for doing a good job moisturizing my hands.

The lotion is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy after feel, which is great since it is meant for your hands….no one wants greasy hands πŸ™‚

Overall, I think it is a decent lotion. I just wish the scent lasted a bit more!

Have you tried anything from the brand?

Until next time…ciao!!