Pink Lipstick loves : Summer 2018 edit

Hello folks! I have been obsessed with colorful eye looks for the past month or so. This called for more toned down lipstick shades which were either close to my lip color or slightly muted in tone. I have been constantly reaching for four lipsticks from my collection a bit more than the others lately!

Pink Lipstick central!

The Maybelline mattes have an awesome formula for a drug store lipstick! They are really comfortable on the lips and glide on real smooth. I use 2 shades from the line; Touch of Spice and Lust for Blush. Touch of Spice is my favorite of the 2. I can put this on with any eye look, or for any occasion. It is my favorite my lips but better shade! Lust for Blush can look a bit weird on my skin tone especially with a tan. But I like to use this in conjunction with more brown based lipsticks or brown based glosses. The balance of white, pink and brown pigments then get balanced 🙂

Similar to Lust for Blush is the Urban Decay Comfort matte in Backtalk. The color is a bit more mauve and has more of a white base compared to Lust for Blush. I feel they are very close dupes though! I like to use this mixed with other always gives surprising results!!

Last but not the least, I love my Milani lipstick in Plumrose. This is an old love of mine that remained hidden for a while and I am so glad to have this back on my daily makeup stand. The shade is is a true deep rosey pink that will suit a wide range of skintones. The only thing I don’t like about this guy is the watermelon scent.

What are your favorite lipsticks this summer?

Until next time, ciao!!!


Back after an awesome vacation in Turkey ! :D

Hello everyone!

I know it has been ages since I last posted on my blog (2 -3 weeks I guess) and that was because I was having an awesome time in Turkey with le husband! It was a much deserved break for both of us after a lot of ups and downs during the first half of this year.

Turkey is such an amazing country and in the 8 days we were there I guess we saw and experienced maybe 10% of what it has to offer. We loved the food, people and culture so much I can see us visiting the country again real soon! We spend our time in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephesus.

Lets talk about Istanbul! It is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever visited! It is a charming city with the modern world existing with the remnants of a glorious past. It is huge and I loved every bit of the the small part of it that I was exposed to. We stayed in the European side where your surrounded by history wherever you go. Both of us are history and museum junkies and therefore we loved exploring the Blue mosque, the Ottoman Topkapi palace, the Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cistern, the Chora church and the museums around these historic sites.

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque

We also explored the modern parts of the city and had a ball of a time at Taskim Square where you have a huge shopping street and lots of small eateries tucked away in small side lanes! In Istanbul we also went to a Hamami for a traditional turkish bath and that was quite an experience 😀 If your planning to go to Turkey do try it out!

Cappadocia was our second stop in Turkey. The place is known for its rock formations which were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. Here we both had our first hot air balloon ride which was spectacular! The ride took off shortly after sunrise and the view of the unique terrain of Cappadocia from up top was fantastic! If you love photography you might land up with a ton of snaps in the 1 hour that your up in the air 😉

Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia
Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

Our 3rd stop in Turkey was Pamukkale which is famous for its hot springs and unique rock deposits. The water and mud here have been used for therapeutic purposes since Greek times and infact the area around the site is home to the ruins of the city of Hierapolis (built by the Greeks and later taken over by the Romans). We had a nice tour of the ruins and later took a dip in the pools of Pamukkale. As you can see from the picture below, the rock deposits look like snow! Pamukkale means cotton castle in Turkish and you can see why!


Our last stop in Turkey was Ephesus. Being history junkies we were in history heaven when we visited the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus! The ancient city is so large that our guide said huge portions have yet to be excavated! The most imposing ruins in the city are that of the Celsius Library (pictured below). Being a Mediterranean town, I wasn’t surprised to see farmers markets where they were selling juicy peaches, oranges and the most fresh looking veggies I’ve ever seen!

The Celsius Library
The Celsius Library

Overall we had a fantastic time! In fact there is so much to write about I found it hard to just give you guys the highlights of my trip! I can go on and on about what all we saw, learnt and ate! 😉

Tune in later this week to see a mini beauty haul from Turkey!! I found some really interesting local brands and products while in Turkey and can’t wait to share them with you’ll 😀

Until next time…ciao!!



Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream

Hey Everyone!!

Hope you guys are having a great week so far! I have been tied up with dental issues this week 😦 I hate going to the dentist..I see the dentists chair as a torture chamber and hate having to go for even basic cleaning! The aversion is just so strong! I had a root canal done some 7 years ago which scarred me for life! Writing a beauty related post will hopefully cheer me up and calm my nerves before the dental visit. So lets talk happy stuff now 🙂 Today I thought I’ll review a summer time staple of mine..The Garnier Moisture rescue refreshing gel cream.

Garnier gel cream
Garnier gel cream

As you can see from the picture above, its a green colored light gel in a glass jar. The glass jar might be a problem when travelling but otherwise its a nice sturdy container. Unfortunately, I threw away the outer packaging which contains the list of ingredients and such.

  • The reason why this is a summer time staple of mine is because it has an incredible light feel on the skin. The gel has a nice cool feel on the skin immediately after application and it absorbs very quickly leaving no sticky residue on the skin surface. The no greasy after feel can be a real blessing when the weather conditions are hot and humid so this is my go to summer  day time moisturizer.
  • This is also a real budget friendly moisturizer. It costs 7 to 8 dollars depending on where you shop 🙂


  • I use this cream as a primer as well! 🙂 I do not wear a primer on top of this cream during the day. I generally do not like to use a face primer regularly and use one only for weddings and events. This cream being a gel helps create a nice finish on the skin which helps with foundation application. It might not help so much with oil control, but being a dry skin gal I don’t have major oil issues to deal with.
  • The gel does have a slight scent but it does not bother me at all 🙂 It is a very light fresh smelling scent that doesn’t linger for too long..yay to that!


  • I do have to point out that this cream isn’t very moisturizing and does nothing for me during the winters! This cream is for normal to combo skin and since in summers my skin is less dry it works. There is a pink gel version of the same cream for dry skin but I personally did not find it any different from this one except for the gel color!
  • The cream mainly consists of water and glycerin with dimethicone added in which explains why it helps with creating a nice base for makeup application. I also have to point out that denatured alcohol is a major ingredient in this cream and therefore might not be suitable for people with extremely sensitive skin since it can further dry out or irritate sensitive skin.

Do let me know what is your favorite summer time moisturizer? I would love to explore some other light and hydrating mositurizers this suggestions are welcome 🙂 Until next time..ciao!