The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer

Hello everyone!!

As we are continuously being bombarded with new highlighter releases by companies almost on a daily basis, I thought I’d review an oldie but an awesome highlighter that has been in my makeup routine for atleast 2 years now! I’m talking about the Cindy Lou Manizer from the Balm, the peachy sister of the famous Mary Lou Manizer.

The Cindy Lou Manizer

First off, the packaging is cute as with most of the Balm’s packaging. The highlighter is housed in a nice sleek compact which has a big mirror too. The compact is the size of my palm and you get 8.5g of product! That is enough to last you forever in my opinion!

Cindy Lou Manizer looks dark peach in the pan

The Cindy Lou Manizer can be used as a blush topper, highlighter and even eyeshadow. I have primarily used it as a highlight and blush topper. If you already own the Mary Lou Manizer, you might find this to be more of a subtle and natural highlight with a light hand. I have yellow undertones and a medium skintone and I still find that this works well as a subtle daytime highlighter. It gives a lit from within glow especially when out in daylight.

I tend to use the tinniest amount when using this as a highlight and when using it as a blush topper I like to layer it a bit more so that the peachy tone comes through. Again, this is not a glittery highlight, it gives a lovely sheen and hence looks natural on the skin.

Swatch of the Cindy Lou Manizer

This is a very finely milled powder and very soft! You have to be careful when dipping your brush into the pan…if you try swirl your brush or stab the pan there will be a lot of powder kickup. The best way to pick up product is to gently tap your brush on the pan and voila you have picked up enough product!

Overall, I love the quality of this highlighter. I do not notice any fading throughout the day (I have dry skin) and the price point is great too (24$)! The Balm has sales quite often and if you have the patience to wait you can grab these for a steal! If you have extremely fair skin this will work more as a blush topper and if you are on the other end of the spectrum, this would be a great highlight.

Have you tried the Cindy Lou Manizer? What is your current favorite highlighter?

Until next time…ciao!!


Looks featuring the Balm Jovi Palette


So this is like a part 2 since  yesterday I posted a review on the Balm Jovi Palette from the Balm which you can read all about HERE if you haven’t already!! I thought it would be fun to put up snaps of some of the eye looks you can create using this palette. I do have to put out a disclaimer though..I am not a pro in any way when it comes to eyeshadow application 😀 So if you find these laughable I am happy to have made you laugh 😀 These are very simple looks, the kinds that I would do in the mornings in a rush ( Aint got no time for 5 shadows and shadow base et al)

  • Look 1



First off, excuse my bad brows :). This is a very simple look featuring the shade Rem all over the lid, The stroke in the outer corner and metal-ica on the browbone as a highlight. Here I have not applied too much of the shade Stroke so that its still wearable during daytime. You can always amp up the look by packing in more of the stroke on the outer corner to make this a night time look.

  • Look 2


Okay, so this look features the shade Blink 1982 all over the lid followed by Lead Zeppelin in the outer V. I used the shade Iron Maid-en to blend Blink 1982 and Lead Zeppelin  and also used it to highlight the brow bone area. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Lead Zeppelin does not look as pretty as it is in the pan when you apply it on your lids.

  • Look 3


This look features my favorite shade  Alice Copper 🙂 which you can see on the outer corner of the lid. I have used Iron Maid-in all over the lid and used the matte shade Adiago in the brow bone area. As you may have noticed by now, I rarely use a transition crease shade since I have deep set eyes. In case you need to define your eye socket, allegro is a nice brown shade which is perfect in the crease.

  • Look 4


Another favorite shade of mine is Moderato, a deep plum shade. Here its packed on in the outer corner of the eye lid. Third Eye Blind is all over the lid and the brow bone highlight is Iron Maid-in.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I tried my best to capture these looks using my simple point and shoot camera 😛 If you already own this palette tell what is your favorite combination of shades on the lid!

Until next time..ciao!!

The Balm: Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette Review

Hello folks!

I have been meaning to write about this bad boy for a while now! Ever since I got this way back in Feb I have used it regularly (and I haven’t made a dent in it) and love it to bits! It is the best multi use palette I own since it not only comes with 12 amazing eyeshadows, but also a highlighter, a blush and 2 lip products all enclosed in a cute cardboard palette that is super sleek 🙂

The Balm Jovi palette

The Balm Jovi palette

  • I love travel and do travel a fair bit! and if your like me, I think you have found your new travel companion 😉 The palette is really sleek, doesn’t bother the TSA and you have  12 eyeshadows to chose from even for a short 2 day trip.
  • The balm has flash sales once in a while and they are featured on hautelook if you can get your hands on this palette at a discounted price its excellent value for money! for 18 to 19 $ your getting an array of buttery smooth eyeshadows, blush , highlighter and 2 lip products as shown below. I love the mirror too!!


  • The cream products have a separate flap to protect them from any powder fallout from the shadows and face products..which is a nice thing done by the Balm.
  • I feel that the eyeshadow shades in this palette can compliment any eye color and skin tone. They are quite versatile and wearable! As with all the products from The Balm, the eyeshadows all have fun band names reflecting the theme of the palette 🙂 The shades have been classified as Heavy Metal, Classical and Alternative Rock. All the Classical shades are matte. Now lets take a look at them closely!
Swatches: Heavy Metal

Swatches: Heavy Metal

  • The heavy metal shadows consist of Metal-ica: shimmery silver shade, Iron Maid-in: soft gold shade, Lead Zeppelin: Green shade with chunky gold glitter and Alice Copper: Burnt plum shimmer shade. All of these have a smooth and creamy texture with the exception of  Lead Zeppelin. In fact, this is the only shade that really disappointed me in this palette! It looks really pretty in the pan but it has terrible fall out and has a gritty texture too.
Swatches: Classical

Swatches: Classical

  • Like I mentioned before, this set of shadows is matte in texture but they still have a lovely creamy texture. Adagio: cream shade, Allegro: a nice matte transition brown shade, Moderato: Lovely deep purple and Presto: neutral deep brown. All of these apply really well and blend seamlessly.
Swatches: Alternative Rock

Swatches: Alternative Rock

  • These have a satin finish to them in my opinion with the exception of Blink 1982 which is a nude shade with glitter. The stroke looks like a deep dark midnight blue in the pan but swatches almost like black. I really like the shade Rem which is a lavender shade with gold undertones. Unfortunately, my swatch doesn’t do this shade any justice! Third eye blinded is a nice peach champagne shade. Lets now move on to the other goodies in this palette!
Face and lip products

Face and lip product swatches

  • The first swatch is the lovely highlighter called disco diso. This is pretty much the same thing as their famous Mary Lou minizer. It is very pigmented and not glittery and when used with a light hand gives a lovely natural sheen  🙂 The blush is amazing! I love this blush like crazy 😛 its the perfect natural blush in my opinion! It is labelled as Don’t you want me in this palette but its essentially the Frat boy blush from their blush line. Lastly we have the lip products Milly and Vanilly (love the names!) which have a reasonable lasting power. They have a balm like texture and I don’t find them to be drying which is another plus.

Overall, I love this palette. I find myself packing this palette whenever I leave town and also reach for it otherwise 🙂 Many a times when companies combine multiple stuff into one palette there will be many misses..but here I like 99% of the stuff in the palette (thats a first!). Do you own the Balm Jovi Palette? What are your thoughts? 🙂

Tomorrow I will do a post featuring 4 eye looks using this palette so stay tuned!!

Until next time..ciao!!!


Put a Lid on it primer from The Balm

Hey everyone!!

Usually I post a science related post on tuesdays but I was so tied up with things I didn’t have time to write one…I promise to put one out next week though 😉 The science posts do take much longer to write and put together so I usually land up working on them during the weekends and this weekend was packed with activities and friends 🙂  Hope you all had a great weekend too!! So today I am going to review what I think is the best eyeshadow primer out there! *drumroll* The Put a lid on it primer from The Balm !!

Put a Lid on it primer from The Balm

Put a Lid on it primer from The Balm

  • So if your wondering why I love this primer to fulfills everything that I look for in an eyeshadow primer. Once I apply eyeshadow over this primer not only does it stay put for well over 10 hours but they also look really vibrant! I have moderately oily lids (it depends on the weather) and this works like a charm in keeping my eye looks fresh throughout the whole day.
  • I also like it that it doesnt bother my sensitive skin at all..I have tried eyeshadow primers in the past which have given me itchy and uncomfortable eyelids.
  • I like to put a teeny tiny amount (thats all you need) on my ring finger and spread it all over my eyelids. It has a wet consistency when you first get it out of the tube but once you dab it onto your eyelids it sets in a couple of seconds to a matte finish which doesn’t feel heavy on your lids which is a big plus too 🙂


  • The only negative I can think of for this primer is that it will not help hide any discoloration of the eyelids. Although when you first squeeze it out of the tube it has a yellow tinge to it, once its on the lids it dries to a clear matte finish. So if your looking for a primer that will do the traditional job of a primer and also help with lid discoloration this might not be your cup of tea.
  • This primer has a price tag of 18$, but with The Balm having sales often and also being featured on Hautelook every once in a while you can pretty much get it for 9$ which is an awesome price for what you get 🙂
  • I do have to warn you though that I have used this primer solely with powder eyeshadows so I am not sure how it performs when used with cream eyeshadows. I am not a fan of cream eyeshadows so I don’t have any to even test it out 🙂
The Ingredient list

The Ingredient list

  • If you take a look at the ingredients you will see that this product contains Talc and Silicone based polymers so in case you have sensitivities to any of these ingredients I guess you might have to stay away from this one.

I will end this post again stressing how much I love this primer 😀 It has helped me keep my eye makeup looking fab during long outdoor weddings, conferences and parties so its only fair I share the good news with everyone!

Hope you guys are having a great week..until next time..ciao!!

The Balm Girls Foxxy Pout…now thats a pretty pout :)

Hey there!

I should have maybe done this as my first post in honor of the fact I was a lippy lover since age 3 🙂 There was a time when I used to sneak into my parents bedroom whenever I felt like it and dab on a bit of moms lipstick..I have broken quite a few of them in my mad dash to smear it on and run away before anyone noticed me rummaging thru my moms stuff (so much for trying to do things undetected huh?). The very first cosmetic product I purchased on my own was also a lipstick and I guess thats true for a lot of women and girls !

Before I actually get into reviewing our lipstick in hand today..I have one more confession to make..I love pretty packaging (who doesnt!) and many a times it REALLY REALLY messes with my head when I am trying to decide if I want to buy something or not..basically I am every cosmetic company marketing teams dream customer 😛

These 2 titbits of info I gave you about myself is really relavant to this post..since I will be reviewing The Balm’s ‘The Balm Girls’ lipstick in the shade Foxxy Pout. Now if your familiar with The Balm cosmetics, and you have the pretty package syndrome know what I am talking about 😉

The good stuff…

  • You guessed it! …The packaging…Its so pretty..and fun…I usually dont keep the outer packaging of makeup products for too long but this one was too cute to throw away so I still have it although I’ve owned this lipstick for a while now. The lipstick itself is in a nice shiny tube reminiscent of a bullet casing which is not bulky and easy to ferry around in a bag. Take a look at this picture below for further proof 🙂

The Packaging!


  • I love the color of foxxy pout..actually I have a love hate relationship with it..somehow I feel this color looks nicer when I wear it for a night out rather than during the day. The soft yellow indoor lights make this color look so much nicer on my lips than sunlight for some reason! It could be because the shade is a nice mix of coppery, pinky bronzy tones..very warm toned in general and therefore looks glowy and cozy under yellow lights.


  • The pigmentation is top swipe and I have the color on in full glory. As you may have noted from the picture above and below there is some glitter ..ok not some..lots of glitter bits  in this lipstick. The good news is its quite fine and doesnt give you that gritty feeling on your lips.


The not so good stuff…

  • I have to admit I dont like the texture so much. Its light weight on the lips which is a good thing but I like to get that feeling of something moisturizing my lips..this just felt so dry going on my lips. It doesnt have that rich creamy texture I’ve come to associate with some of really nice lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. But I dont mind wearing this lipstick after slathering on a good amount of lip balm which brings me to my next point..
  • When I wore this lipstick without priming my lips real good with a chapstick, I found that after an hour or 2 my lips became dry and felt uncomfortable and the product settled into the fine lines on my lips.
  • This lipstick has a minty smell and it has that icy cooling menthol feel for a  minute or so  when you apply the lipstick. Some people may actually like it but to me it felt like something stinging my lips. The good thing is that the smell and that feeling goes away pretty quickly.yay!

The claims…Do they work?

So here is what I pulled up from  The Balm website 

‘These double agents provide your pucker with amazing pigment and rich conditioners. TheBalm Girls’ sleek packaging can infiltrate even the smallest evening bag to give your lips all the secret service they need!’


The Ingredient List

  • Claim 1 is that these balm girls have amazing pigment. I have to agree that this is true after using this lipstick for a while now. A look at the ingredient list also available at their website, will show you the super stars responsible for this. Iron oxides, found in most lipstick formulations are synthesized in labs and is responsible for the red color. The addition of other pigments like red 7 lake,yellow 5 lake, blue 1 lake carmine etc helps to create different shades. In the case of foxxy pout I suspect there is a high proportion of mica due to the highly shiny nature of the product. The ingredient list is also available at their website incase you do find it hard to read from my rather terrible photo of the box!


  • Claim 2 : Rich conditioners. Now this may seem strange considering I just ranted about how this product doesnt feel moisturizing on my lips but a look at the ingredients shows a list of skin conditioning and mositurizing components. The first 3 ingredients listed; pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, hydrogenated polyisobutene and  isostearyl isostearate are synthetic skin conditioning agents. Additionally we have a list of naturally derived oils like jojoba seed oil, olive oil, soybean oils listed as well. So why didn’t my lips like this so much from a mositurizing perspective? Well I think it could be the fragrance in the product which might be alcohol derived and therefore dried out my lips. The peppermint oil listed in the ingredients, something my lips didnt like, can also dry out the lips and can be an irritant (International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biosciences).

I really wanted to love this lipstick considering how much I like the other products I tried from The Balm. I like this lipstick for its rather unique color and putting on a lip balm prior to swiping it on my lips partly solves the lip drying issue. Looking at things from a price perspective (USD 17) I would have expected a little bit more mositurising love from this lippy. Overall, I dont see myself buying this again but I will definately try their other lip formulations soon!